[Intro: 911]
Yeah, yeah
Yo, Check me out

[Verse 1: 911]
Iron sheets could never iron out the fact that we are in deep shit
Listen when i speak
Take a seat and seek my intuition, no shame in submission
Submarine eventually resurfaces back to the surface
Run with me, i want to jog your memory
Crack the fortune cookie, ain't no rookie that can tie my lace
Lowercase n***a still made it to the capital, capitalized on your slacking, watch me rack up my capital
On a journey with this attorney, guess that makes you my interns
So go fetch, on my 8 mile stretch, on foot or in the stretch, on your knees when you crept
As this crips trip over crayons, still we in debt
Coz' we lept into a different lane
Superman still need Lois Lane to play the game
You gotta be the show, to get chauffeured
So much dick riding n***as got me feeling like a chauffeur

[Hook: 911]
Can you hear him

[Verse 2: 911]
I said so much dick riding, n***as got me feeling like a chauffeur, so i show for it
Branch out like a leaf, when i leave you trailing behind like a tail, when i tell a tale so bright it can only be interpreted in brail
Hungrier than an inmate who make bail
Curtailed by the curtains of incarceration
Meant to compress we physically and mentally
But all you do is add insult to injury
Compliments for composers of shrewd compositions
We are in a mission to decompose, watch you tumble and crumble as we blow out your candle
It's art to this music shit n***a, ask Mozart
Its a dart game n***a, and am aiming for the bulls eye
So i lead, when i ball, you just eyeball
Get it? i lead when i ball, you just eyeball
[Hook: 911]