Black Uhuru
Tip of the Iceberg
[Black Uhuru]
Radio TV news, Crying of a nation
Drugs and child abuse, We say evil rules
Famine, Winds of war, Eternal pollution
What it's all been for, Where it's leading to
Wake up people now, Show you've got some fire
We have everything, Everything to lose
Don't let evil win, Vanity desire
Show them what is good, Show them what is true

[Chorus: Black Uhuru]
Tip of the iceberg
The laws of man design our future
Tip of the iceberg
It's S-O-S earth in distress
Tip of the iceberg
This old new message can't be clearer
Tip of the iceberg
The roll of man called to the test

[Black Uhuru]
Goodness, Helpfulness, These should be remembered
History regret, Nothing we can do
Living laws of man, Walking on a wire
Clean up time is here, Long it's overdue
Now we count to ten, Live our lives together
We all play a part in this puzzle too
[Chorus: Black Uhuru]

[Black Uhuru]
Vision how this world would be, With universal love
Respecting the true right of everyone
Feed the hungry, Help the poor
Free the people, We want more

Peace, An interesting concept
A dream world, Where no souls are swept
Under the rug, Just brotherly love
That's why I pray to the heavens above
That someday somewhere we will learn to care
Cause if we don't, Then we should prepare
For certain destruction of this earth we live
People take, But we must learn to give
Black man, White man, Yellow man, Red man
Must understand, The race is hu-man
The earth is ours, The air we all must breathe
Every mountain, Each and every sea
Share, Care, The answer's in there
And if not, We gonna live out a nightmare
As I speak on the streets, Gunshots are heard
It's just the tip of the iceberg
[Chorus: Black Uhuru]