Much Too Much
[Verse 1: Fliptrix]
My styles straight, miraculous, treat me like a Dracula
Don't try and call me blud, I'll bite your throat and spit it back at ya
Spit vernacular crack at ya
Crush your motherfucking planet like my boy Galactus does
Most MCs are wack and it's a fact that they're actors cuz
Make a back catalog without a single classic bruv
Owl's got you backing up, bangers straight stacking up
Big Daddy Owl like a pimp when I'm rapping Bruv
Hip hop's my bitch, you better watch how you handle her
Mistreat my woman I'll track you down like she's Pamela
Trample you like a mammoth with maddest amounts of stamina
Standing behind a van with a hammer about to damage ya
Causing a fucking massacre, shanking you with an antler
Let you cry for help while Deformed Wing amples ya
Bang out the baddest beat, then repeat it while we're stamping ya
Let your corpse rot before i feed it to tarantulas

I'm on some nightmare shit, what I say is too much I don't give a shit (x4)

[Verse 2: Leaf Dog]
I pull your spine out your mouth and stab you with it
While chatting your bird up at the std clinic
Dump you in the pacific until they fish it
And drag you out the net like your album when they miss it
Get your sister to kiss dicks, stealing mad shit
SO she can buy me chains till i look just like Slick Rick
Pummeling her pink pit, painting her walls like a big marker ink tip
Shut up slut, eat dick
That's it, as I'm feeding her my pearls,
Got so many lines, they could reach around three worlds
All I leave is raspberry swirls and barely walking girls
I pull my beast out and your slump just hurls like blargh
All over the shop, she calls me Doctor
Got the fake gynecologist look unlock you
You must've forgot she plays piggy in the middle
No riddle, she be fiending for the nuts like a squirrel
Slut, I'm on some wet clown shit, what I say is too much I don't give a shit
I'm on some puppy nose tip, what I say is too much I don't give a shit
I'm on some wet oyster shit, what I'm saying's too much I don't give a shit

[Verse 3: BVA]
I take the piss and take the crown while I take it easy
Any rappers standing nearby feel shook and wheezy
There's a new part of the bible called the book of BVA
Don't wash for a year and my shit still ain't cheesy
I'll hold it down like your house's foundations
You'll get taken for a walk if you're found hating
To any big ball rapper, I'm spitting castrations
Fuck you up in one bar just cos I lack patience
I chat shit as long as the words fit and I'm rhyming
Walk around head high, just like I run this island
They're all cubic zirconia, but me I bring the diamonds
Quartz crystals in my mind so I never slip on timing
I love a bitch, but everyday I suck my own dick
My head's fucking massive but somehow it still won't fit
And I won't stop until everybody hates me
Cos I'm a fucking prick but every single thing I make's deep

Yo, I'm on some far out shit, what I say is too much I don't give a shit
Break toilets when we drop our shit
Cos what I say is too much, I don't give a shit
I'm on some far out shit, what I say is too much I don't give a shit
[Verse 4: Dirty Dike]
The dirty freak, every single pervert has heard of me
And any piece of skirt that serves herpes with burgermeat
I tell a slut to shut up, and give her purse to me
The worst you see a person on this earth to be absurd is me
Certainly, I pay to fuck a bird and give her dirty pee
A pair of dirty knees and leave her scared of what she's learned to be
Work for free? I'd rather grab a quack-pig and fuck it's head
Tug it's flesh, cuddle it and fuck it till there's nothing left
I'm the wanker with the clever gob, what?
Plus I'm the twat who put a banger through your letter box
I killed a cat just out of anger and I never stopped
It's real as that, when we strangle for you head to pop
Desperate not what I got the pick of the bunch
Taking bitches off the list while they're fixing their cunts
I'm literally blunt, and if this shit isn't enough?
I'll take a big swig from the piss in the cup

I'm like yo
I'm on some nightmare shit, take a razor blade straight to your clitoris
I'm on some dikestar shit, cos my name is not James it is triple six
I'm on some owl's claw shit, what I say is too much for you little pricks
I'm on some syndicate shit, Flock about, sitting in your living room pissed

[Verse 5: Verb-T]
Ay yo, I lost my brain, found a cotching place
Up on top of graves, do a lot of dirt and I'm not ashamed
Got a flame that I hold to em, learn bitches
Now my competition are nothing but burn victims
Cut the lights out turn the cameras off
You sense danger like swimming in the amazon
While I climb a church spire and I dangle off
Slamming shots, wanking off with the hand of god
While them fools sound Pampers soft
That's why I trample on them
Temper flairs, goddamn anger problem
I'm Bruce Banner with a temper
I balance my agenda while embarrassing contenders
You x-factor try out, die now, painfully
Aim, release, bulls-eye, you're off to meet your maker g
I don't know what they make of me
I'm self made, but that's funny, cos you could still make my tea