[Verse 1: Verb T]
Step inside the building and I'm walking like a killer
Looking for the others feeling that no one is iller
Wrapping up the bodies then I lock them in the chiller
Falling like Frazier when he lost it in Manila
People always wanting us to go and kill the fakers off
And I got the right ingredients to go make a bomb
Show you in the thoughts when the blast tear your faces off
You will see me standing in the ash when the flames are gone
On the top floor, rifle in my grasp
Plus there's another three snipers in the grass
Pop your heads off while you're driving in your car
That's a massacre, now your brain is your passenger
Aim it in your daytime playlist the mergulum
Flippin on the daily, but I don't work at Burger King
Up from the underground, stealth when we're surfacing
Leaving new bloody pattern all on your furnishings

[Verse 2: Leaf Dog]
So sharp I cut silk in the river
Leave your head gone before you see a shadowy figure
As I paint a picture, deep in ancient China
Throw smoke bombs so thick, you can't find na'
Ninja in the background, bodies getting hacked down
Heads falling off when we finally let the axe down
Keep the ear to the ground, listening for the crickets
Learned the art of war in my sleep with the spirits
Living stranger stands as the remainder, in danger
Treat, the beat is my retainer
I do the shogun a favour and save you
Even a hundred man deep, watch me wade through
See me chilling, while the harp will play
Ready to fight you to the death like the Kumite
Watch the skies turn grey, when my ninjas creep
I'll pull your heart out of your chest, just to feel your beat
[Verse 3: BVA]
Slay with tongue, not the type to wave a gun
Hit your pressure points walk away calm, don't run
Always moving with my face to the sun
Turn ronin around the time to the faking begun
Take the hits, write their names down
Do this for the story that they tell when I came 'round
Always high, but I never settle on the same ground
Waiting for the rain clouds
Wash away the footprints, travel through deranged towns
Trained for combat, but really you on that?
I see this ending like a scene out of Ong-Bak
There's no masters and no needing for contracts
Cause people disappear overnight and don't come back
Write the scriptures, what they depict is another loss foe that learned hard that we're the victors
You get it? Blood it's addictive
On some sick shit, won't stop till there is no one on the hit list

[Verse 4: Dirty Dike]
I'm killing slappers, kids, animals and rappers
Casual as a bag of bull slapping on your sag puss
I bring madness, with a dagger I bring sadness
And stare you in the eyes until you collapse into blackness
In the garden shed I sit waiting
Playing with my razor blade, and mate, I ain't shaving
Scraping, bathing in the blood stains naked
Playing chess with Ted Bundy's best mates hating
Dreams of raping a boy band member in the face
I'm chopping of his bollocks with a spade
There's not a lot of promise in my brain
Like God, am I insane
With a shotgun, I wander in the rain
You ain't got one when I cop one in your face
I blow your fucking noggin off to ponder on the pain
I take you shopping round the hospital of AIDs
I ain't popular, I'm wrong and I ain't stopping till the grave
[Verse 5: Fliptrix]
I assassinate, lacerate and decapitate
Hack you up in rag of rage wrap you up in some gaffa tape
Your body parts depicts the art
Been starving for this plan today
This man’s insane, mad, deranged
Assassin with a phantom phase
Targets on the bridge about to cut the rope and hand their fate
Bodies down the canyon, squirming
Kill ‘em with a hand grenade like BAAAANG!
Cause I’m a k-k-killer!
Cold-blooded, no fronting, don’t cross me, throat-cutting
Assassin with the passion for damage
Your man’s abandoned, hold him for ransom
Smack him with hammers
With eyes blacker than Marilyn Manson
Man, strength like Samson
Bare hench and handsome
Make dames get wet and rampant
I’ll bang ‘em and then dismount 'em
I'ma ambush 'em, tanks are standard
I’m robbing a bank with a hanger
Just to take a free bag
And we’re burning the cash to ashes
Quicker than rappers, making the victim vanish
Setting a trap and give 'em a drink of water
No, it’s liquid acid, that’s dramatic
[Outro: BVA]
Assassin hidden in the dark
Here to take them out
Trained in one Martial art, that's the dirty mouth
Won't stop until there's big piles of bodies
Smoke bombs disappear, collecting heads for a hobby
Assassin hidden in the dark
Here to take them out
Trained in one Martial art, that's the dirty mouth
Won't stop until there's big piles of bodies
Smoke bombs disappear, collecting heads for a hobby