I've seen a lot of bullshit, most of it wised me up
Clowns being foolish, most of them hyped as fuck
We need to get clever or we'll just turn to piles of dust
That's meaning lost, feeling lost, haven't left no tags to buff
The more you see, the more bleak it can be getting
Knowledge is power that's right, but it can do your fuckin' head in
Like you see them failing and you know
But you couldn't tell them cause they're too deep to listen
Even if you started yelling, "Wake up!" Fuck a PhD
Just stick to studying surroundings, dudes actions, reactions, we're judging it
Learn to avoid bad attention, but catch a good mention
If it's gonna give your name some suspension
I wanna be coming out on top and I don't mean the big house
I mean more nouse than what my brain concocts
I lose and regain the plot, just to see the other side of things
We're training in life and expanding what our mind can dream

Certain people think they know it all, they don't know themselves
Knowledge is a powerful thing, worth more than wealth
Turn the pages of a book, encapsulate the words that spell
Store it in my mind and use it when the situation's dealt, many never listen well
They lost their faith residing by the sides of life's wishing well
Just because it's written down, it ain't the truth
The paper sales, I read between the lines
The bullshit crimes and the kiss and tell
Looking at the bigger picture, man it's like they framed themselves
We need to put aside our differences, confide in life itself
Defining what is right and what is hell
What gives us the right to put another life inside a cell
Who am I to write these lines and put them in your mind to melt?
That I couldn't figure out but figured that I might as well
Sciences holds the truthful facts, mysteries of life for real
The things to learn are limitless, survival is the deepest skill
People hold the knowledge, like the prophets grow weed at will
[Leaf Dog]
A dreamer looks out the window, I look inside myself
Knowledge is worth more than any amount of wealth
My mental health is tested by the drugs I've ingested
I need to cut it out and think of time I've invested
My destinies manifested the man I am
In my youth I couldn't count past the fingers on my hand
It was hard to understand anything that they told me
Then music opened my mind and started to mould me
It showed me how to step out the box I was confined in
The new mission for the Leaf, that fate reassigned him
The truth's there, it ain't hiding, fuck what they're deeming us
It doesn't take a genius to see the lies they're feedin' us
Nobody's life is meaningless, the mind is a powerful thing
Rule your own world, standing in the tower as king
Spread your wings and hear what the owl speaks
Cause the knowledge is there to take like WikiLeaks

[Verb T]
See, there's a major problem and that's lack of understanding
People out for self and always acting underhanded
People preach, otherwise they're quick to pass judgement
Generalize, stereotype and never look for substance
House and car, that's a symbol of success
I don't want to spend my life sitting at a desk
Just to get what I don't need, livin' with regret
Peace to all the hard workers, though I mean no disrespect
I'm just sayin', you're not happy? Don't feel trapped in it
Use your mind, achieve, listen to me, that is some true shit
Build, create, you're not useless
Rally up the troops and then start a new movement
Of any type, just watch how you spend your time
Many sucked in by the screen, mass genocide of the mind
Now that's why I gotta pen and rhyme
Venom like spits, still fresh like lemon lime