Lights Off
[Verse 1: Fliptrix]

Yeah, when I feel like the fight's lost
That's the day I turn my lights off
Paint my face a shade of tailor made white wash
Looking at the sun, I hold a seance for my rhymes lost
They might be gone but they're still there when the time stops
Rewind on my clock, my book's like no one else's
Drip of blood, trends phrase out a felt tip [?]
No fabrication so my senses felt it
Emancipation of equality from coppers policy [?]
When these top collar wankers who stepping, forgot their honesty
Honestly, man you know i'm classical like Socrates
Yamming up all the broccoli
That's why they all be clocking me
Like I'm a foreign oddity, study me like astrology
Body the flow phenomenally
Nuttin' ain't stopping the Owls, we're like a colony
We bring the real music back, like its supposed to be
We're in demand like the produce of the cocoa leaves
See the similarity, we're moving so ferociously but we don't need a boat cause' we're flying above the ocean seas
With flows like THC, they’re stuffed full of potency so the world is lean [?]

[Verse 2: Verb T]

The rebel, renegade, must stay blazing up the track, with he pepper spray
You can check that its all facts on my resume, cause' i don't shit talk
Hell spawn stab him in the heart with a pitch fork
I'm not conforming, you're performing, like an organ grinder in the Bayswater cypher
I carry weight no back spasm, Black Sabbath, I shoot the wheels off your band-wagon
You catch dwelling in the cellar like phantasm
Godfather shit pull strings like i'm Santana
Keep the raw shit living, so praise me
Far from disposable some say brain fiend
You're not feeling it? Fuck you, don't pay me
Your crew's a bunch of tits, I'll catch you on page three
Take deep pulls of the cancer fumes, contemplating kill mics and kill stages
All within the ideals I was raised with, true hip hop, and I ain't thinking about changing
Not presentable, I ain't thinking about shaving
Or dressing up, dancing about, for your playlists
[Verse 3: BVA]

We're here, and it's time for the mutiny
Do what I do, I don't care what you can do to me
No mind for scrutiny unless it's respected
I'll keep flicking my brush til' this art is perfected
Skill gets neglected, no love will accept it
The audience'd love it but they haven't checked it
Slept or some cunt under the rug brushed it
Took the wage and left the product un-published
We're riding a new wave, nothing in the world has changed
We just explode with our thoughts from our brain
Rhymes cut with precision like tracks fit a train
Old and new school unite through the beat that is played
I'm high like the Himalayans. I love music
I've seen them abuse it, I'm here to improve it
I know why I do this, raw breaks to acoustic, and show love to anybody that's included

[Verse 4: Leaf Dog]

For every bar that I spit, an emcee ovulates
I'm calm like the monk on the mountain that meditates
I'm the reason why the cancer accelerates
I use the part of the brain you need when you levitate
You're about to change your fate, you shouldn't under estimate
I contemplate and treat small things like they were great
Dig crates and the breaks like (we're dustin' off the takes [?])
We're here to break ground just like an earthquake
All my Owls are high son, make no mistake
You'll get yourself trapped like all our bars and steal gates
Loops are getting chopped like old reel tapes
I got lines like the kiddies selling shines in your estate
I'm 'bout to be the great, conquer bird like [?]
You spend a lifetime on the beat tryin' to re-mend this
But in the end it's, real proof you ain't shit cuz like Hendricks
Even when I'm dying i'm shining on