Ain’t Like It
[Verse 1: BVA]
It used to be homely now it feels lonely
Never been liked, cheers, but now nobody knows me
Sometimes ghosts stroke me, those that lost toast me
But still the same song banging on the karaoke
It used to have essence but they forgot their lessons
In this town that's like a breeding ground for proper messes
[?] they haven't got it we use to go and get it
Battling your pride until the day you lose and look pathetic
Used to get uplifted, now that donkey sniffed it, three legged in The race looking kind of twisted
Had my money on him thought the kid was kind of gifted
Ain't like it used to be and certainly ain't how [?]
Shit, pissed I missed it throw a rope and fix shit
New bladders and some brains on the list at Christmas
Everything changes then all you're left with is mazes take the right turns and you escape it

[Verse 2: Verb T]
I used to be affected now it's like I'm not quite connected
Something in my minds been messed with
Now there's not many things that surprise me, used to be different, life desensitised me
I used to be a dreamer, slowly I woke up groaned and I rose up shaking my head
Used to be the type to watch what you said or someone was taking offence
Now everybody wants to shock and be extreme, respect at an all time low, seems to be
Used to be lines that you had to read between now there's no subtlety and no type of decency
I was blitzing it up every night now I just ain't got the same recovery time
Unaware of the come down that's where you pay the cost
Twisted in a knot right now trying to shake it off
[Verse 3: Fliptrix]
Mods and rockers clash like cops and robbers
Then it turned to chavs rude boys and dirty sloshers
Used to hand out flyers now our names are followed
People trust their governments until the snakes were spotted
Always plotting inside jobs you know it's common knowledge
Big up the whistle-blowers sitting there doing porridge
Free speech for life son you know they can't abolish
Profits lacking in the intellect
Used to play tape-decks on my VHS
Now it's all mobile phones, downloads and internet
Used to think teenage mutant ninja turtles was the best
Until I find out about rap, weed and having sex
The rest is history I used to think that class was dead
Now I'm on a quest to find the answers to the life I'm blessed
Used to hope that i was older, now i am, i feel content
Despite the fact i got to work, pay bills, provide the rent

[Verse 4: Leaf Dog]
It used to be that weed was £100 an ounce now you're taking out a loan and filling a bank account
Small amounts [?] baggie looking like a leaf in a pissy [?] pit
Can't stand it like a new album from the [?] for fucks sake someone hit the kid who's making his beats please
All heroes following the trends of the youth without the sound we know [?] thought you're just a dick-head in the booth
All my real heads salute i know i ain't the only, one a rich kid in skinny jeans ain't where I'm coming from
Ain't like it used to be but the change ain't new to me most have a old friend that turned to the mutiny
[?] remember when we used to play cd's for Verb T, used to be the type to get hyped for the hover board now I'm outside Tony's house with a rusty saw
Ain't like it used to be
It Ain't like it