The Drama
[Verse 1: BVA]
Shit happen, shit happen, but who am i to tell ya
Side effects of life I'm playing wife with these Esmeraldas
All I know's what I've seen and that my peen is helpless
But never satisfied, jump ship on the girls that felt us
With a semi and some henny feeling semi-righteous
Thinking I don't know what's right, but I don't know if the pipe does
Better light up, a brother of the stone, wish I gave half as much of a fuck as my hindsight does
But i don't live with regrets I mill them over
Screw them up and throw them out on the hard shoulder
With a feeling that's vacant, get baked, walk the pavement
But what my souls on is tough like stuff Egyptians were making
Some see devastation, apocalypse hallucination but the sun rises up from these constellations
All I've gots to proof, fuck the excuses, same shit different day like they looped it

[Verse 2: Leaf Dog]
Fuck the drama, find me on both sides of karma, refining lines from this leaf, like a coke farmer
Deal with the palaver tryna get my heart bone armour never played his favourite song like the vinyl
Used to sleep with a piranha
Knowing she'd bite me tell her everything so she could show the world just to spite me
It's more than likely, that you're seeing it, revealing it
As the point where shit changed no one is free of it
You get answers even if you ain't asking
Can't pick the story in this drama like what they're cast in
Passports going missing and I'm laughing, accounts getting hacked in, just check the neck for the [?]
With the ex scrapping I know when I'm attracting the opposite of relaxing
Brain's caught a bashing It's never out of fashion there's just another round
You'll see even the best type of leaf falling down
[Hook: BVA] (x2)
You can't prevent the drama, you got to accept it
Do the best for your loved ones and come correct kid
Fuck what's expected, all I bring's my head with
And yes the worlds made me numb but I'm still connected

[Verse 3: Verb T]
Yo, Yo
I landed in a place I was powerless that shit was like
I'm Superman in a house made of Kryptonite
I'm tryna hide my damn anger with a shit disguise
Dark side taking over, snapping out just in time
It's too easy picking up them deadly habits
Stay addicted to the drama like a telly addict
In a cold winter pack of full metal jacket
Let them have it, barely got time to digest the madness
Frustrated, medication spun my head backwards
Punch walls even then I'm left with a stress fracture
We must deal with it forever and a day
Desire lies in both the pleasure and the pain
It's the journey, first we venture then we gain
So if all they bring is stress you should be sending them away
You want some wild shit? Some Jeremy Kyle shit? Or some real shit
It's just something that we got to deal with

[Verse 4: Fliptrix]
I'm doing what I got to do, I sing the blues to cleanse my Karma
I rep for friends and laughter, not for ends and drama
Real man will face their fears like their paths are colliding cars son
Not neglect them for the consequences after
What goes around comes around, as above so below from past times to here after
Alleviate the pain I felt in life through living larger
Dedicated to my final breath like a dying martyr
The fire starter see a flame and ran committing arson
Man's a marksman find a better life a righteous target
Shooting knowledge from the forest with a poison dart gun
Always poised with a poets blunts about to spark one
Love into the field of your energy like a burning star does
A true visionary imminent with the sites remastered
From creators imagery that put us here to start with
Learning lessons, living dreams or jumping many hurdles
Four owls a real life phenomenon like crop circles
Taking to the sky again and sending of this rocks surface
Ask yourself the question you been waiting for
What's your purpose? What's your purpose?
[Hook: BVA] (x2)