[Verse 1: Fliptrix]
I couldn't really give a fuck about the money see I do this for the love with a passion that makes me hungry since a grubby little kid on the London tracks with the skunk trees
To penning four albums and flying out of the country, uniting with my brothers the owls
The greatest mystery was born and made history
Running HF since 2010, for every minute that's ticking I'm building, literally (Why?) (Why?)
Because I live for creativity, I'm still just as hungry, I still can't calm down, still got the fire in my heart
You hear the beat it's loud, passion pumping through my blood like the reefas clouds
What you're witnessing unfolding here is elevation and that's a short cause for celebration
Within each life there's no limit to your creation orientation, our placements in the matrix giving statements to the nation on a daily basis
It's all vibrations

[Verse 2: Leaf Dog]
Yeah, Yeah
Travel more, land in acres, life, the raters, rep retarded drug takers
You get disregarded like most favors when we used to be all about the love like ravers
Burn em into dust like cremators, rarely signing papers snare snaps like alligators
In every country like crime orchestrator's, now they're banging at your door like pissed off neighbors
But I love the haters, they only make me stronger, stance low like E. Honda
It's the beat monster with a hunched posture, got a hunch there's a pussy on your roster
Want the raw sound? It'll cost ya, I'm talking about a million pound
I have no minions around there's only legends I've found
While you're trying to play it safe, I break ground
Every noise you make is a snake sound, feel stillness like a ghost town (ghost town)

[Verse 3: Verb T]
Yo (yo), Yeah (yeah), Uh (uh)
So tell me what motivates you?
If you said fame, we don't hold the same view
Used to chase money now I'm not the same dude
Always spoke from the heart now I got to stay true (got to stay true)
Are you lead by desire or lead by that fire inside to get higher? (higher)
Or are you lead by a liar who is actually a puppet being lead by a wire?
Dress in black, they detest my attire, little dwarfs trying to walk in the steps of a giant
Motivated by hatred and pray for destruction of all that is sacred
Many lack motivation In a shapeless void, paranoid, unable to face it
Stubbornly I'm hanging on to love, I embrace it no matter how rough the terrain, got to brave it
[Verse 4: BVA]
Relaxed being, I paint the picture till they're seeing
Out to be the stoned statue in the museum
A Flame was lit, tame and whip [?] until I split because I love this more
Suffering from a possessed jaw, run an exorcism you'll find devils and more
And a heart that's pure, always did more, still [?] poor and sleeping on the floor to keep it raw on the ten year tour
Motivated by a force that comes from nature, I love the haters, they're just jealous of the dedicators
Never did it for the pennies or sold it out for the jennies, always just looking for the next twenty
I can't stop it, like they cut the brake cords, never a chore appreciate it more like the crowds roar
Show the whingers to the door and put the boot in, this is a movement the reward is that it feels soothing