That’s You
[Verse 1: Leafdog]
You only do it for the money so you never made it
Only rap to bang the honey but you only date it
And she ain't even rate it
Only fucked you cause her friend played it
Real love, you can't save it
Loop it up and tape it back and recreate it
Hate the opposition if they're looking like the favourite
He's lookin like he'll take it so you try and run him down
The one you never expect is allways gonna take the crown
That's why my ears to the ground
Hear the Vibrations
Like a thousand elephants stamping on pavements
With a piff fragrance
Dried cannabutter on the apron
I hear them faintly mutter how they hate him
To take the game you gotta break the game
Fuck the fame make it lane deal with shame
And wind up with the same all day
Talking like it's all in vain
Innevitable ball and chain
But the cycles here for the rain and it won't be the same

[Verse 2: Fliptrix]
Yo we walk asleep
Reform the scene with our Sorcery
No remorse or walk on the floor
Become course draw with our awful park?
Get applauded accordingly
Listen to voices in my head like i do normally
Do i tell the truth or am i screwing with you audibly
Is this out of character or am i acting Ordinary
Break you down to atoms just to play with you so forcibly
A mother-fucking titan in this game yes i was born to be
Born to see this place like. mmmmmmm No one could
Putting in the work till we're never getting overlooked
All these hopeless jokers getting shook then they close the book
The 4 owls keep it straight Hood
So you know it's good
Till we get extinct like Diplodocus am i going so ferocious
Falling like a loco-motive going coast to coast
We keep the flows alive
Inifinite with the dosage our supply is never ending
Bring the realness to your life
[Verse 3: BVA]
I got form plus I'm ill'ing
So i cut out the "S"
Before you forget let my rhymes slap that shit on they chest
I role with Fliptrix and trust me land them shits on your head
Weed connoisseur i need it like they're making some bread
See i was born brazzen
Fuck being raised i'm a game degrading
West country beef if you want it straight from the pit with flames in
Ain't nothing strange they'll regret the day they let Josh and James in
These creations escaped and took flight and traveled many nations
Verbs down to a T that's why i roll with him
Heads spin like linoleum
Moment we take control of 'em
Don't collect rappers but im owning them
Exploding like petroleum
No fair match strike when we're bowling in
A thin line between hopeless and dopeless
The focus stays high like hopes of jokers wishing we'd choke
Only stop to cough a blunt smoke a red hot poke
And to the scene i seem to breathe fire but really i spoke

[Verse 4: Verb T]
You played yourself like Malkovich but how is it
You didn't see you wern't the one that's pulling all the strings though
Looking kinda counterfit, shit tone it down a bit
Brain is all hypnotised need to snap out of it
I see my goals like prey and im pouncing
In my front room meditating on a mountain
Balancing a physical form my spirit was torn
Felt heat like Miami then im hit with a storm
Coming for anything and everything
An unquenchable thrist we from 2 places like a 'Nephalin?'
Between heaven and earth and still trying to settle this
We banging heads like a bunch of rowdy metal kids
Plotting in a sediment return to the dirt
The rotten and the eloquent emerged in the verse
With the twist, whatever it is
Certainly works hope the side effects dont take a turn for the worse!