The Legacy
[Life MC]
Yo Yo
Check check yo
Every man acknowledge my polished
Metaphoric graphic logic and knowledge
It's like my brain is on anabolics
My sound is raw
I'm more Fostex than Panasonic
Man I'm on this
Every mic i smoke it like a bag of chronic
Panoramic pictureful trails
I'm known to prophesise
My potent poetic rhymes are perfection personified
Producing paranormal activity lyrically
My levitating literacy has you meditating literally

[Leaf Dog]
Beat specialist
8 bar attack plan
Rely on this like your second time at a fat scam
Attack mic stands like cantona fans
Never squealin' on the hook like abattoir lambs
Everything I make bangs like a nuclear scientist
Loop ?? burn samples the arsonist
Bump this vibration on the ground is elevation
If your looking up to fly in space
There's no limitation
[Smellington Piff]
I'm here to open your brain like a lobotomist
I'll jump out of a plane to stay on top of this
Around here we live by the wicker man theory, eerie
Pick a thick fickle brain apart, let it pickle in the jar
Lock stock traffic cop, knocked out for tryna stick tickets on your caravan
I'm that scallywag vagabond traveller man
That reads tea leaves and casts spells like Saruman

[Si Philli]
The hard barrer
Spirit of Che Guavara
Rap bandits see me riding the track on a Kuwahara
This is karma
This dark guy lightin' for dark sky
Spittin I'm bringin' sight to rappers like im arc eye
Divine rhymer
Lines finer than white china
Illin' my spits, still comin' sharper than lime cider
These real words we stay puffin' them ill herbs
Flippin' the biggest scriptures
Like its written by Spielberg

Free the music
It's been caged till it became raged and abusive
Escaped on some new shit
Sewin' seeds like a dog with 2 dicks
Now they're seein movements like some cockroaches moved in
Duke Nukem
Drink liquor till this jukes pukin'
Beat loopin', speak truth and shit when its suitin'
The sheep troopin' in the need to get white
Cos comme ci, comme ça, no peace, no pipe
[Cracker Jon]
Ay yo i could do with two bun of the buddha skunk
Kat im chewin up so just losing the funk
Hoodie up and im screwing your mum
A ruthless cunt
True Anglo-Saxon words used from my tongue
Abusing my lungs
Drinking juice and rum
So choose your way to depart this earth
I'm getting scared when my heart hurts
Hackin' barclays passwords
I got a parched thirst

On beat and off key
So many white boys on the track steal the milkybars are on me
Mr Dairylea
Smoke cheese till my eyes turn so chinese
I can barely see
Turn the beat in to UFC blood sport
Food on the table
Money for the slum lord
We puff draw in large amounts, much more
Totally stonefaced
Mount Rushmore
[Jack Jetson]
High writing this shit
The sky scientist
Jack climbin up the weedstalk to where the giant lives
Kaleidoscope, tight-ropin' psychedelic cyclist
Eyes closed mind open isometric spiralin'
Sad rappers play the hypothetic violin
Ain't got time to grin thats why humors stay as dry as gin
Super human with the mutant thing that lies within
Creepin' through the sewers like reptilians with slimy skin

[Dirty Dike]
Pit bike, prick on the back
Half ounce of chop
Shoutin' bollocks like I absolutely can't be stopped
Take a Stanley to your string Gabanna rani top
And stick a green banana up your rinky dinky party slot
Pick a seat and you can get a free dick
And sit and keep dog like my Pekinese bitch
Mecca mecca means shit
I kick a rapper in a piss cloud
Make the shit evaporate away
Shit now

[Verb t]
I punch drunk throwin jabs at a blurry shape
Learnt my fate in the mud by the pearly gates
I set the bar high, fools aren't reachin' it
Yo look feeble kid, bro, do you even lift? (spot me bruv)
I spun spells on these dumbells
Send them all back to the bench looking unwell
You're having issue with development
I'm guessin' thats the reason why them fools stay negative

Brain stormin'
A soundboardin'
If its beef i bring it to your crib, like a housewarmin'
Raps is poingant
If I drive this joint in
Thats a joint, actin' boistrous, packin# oysters
When you know I eat the canelloni
On the case like Axel Foley
All of these rappers know me
Some of these trappers know me
I grew up right around the corner cuzzy
Ask your homie

Slicin' coconuts
Toppin' up his isotopes
Mys is known to magnify your focus more than rifle scopes
Walking with the dead
Soon sure to hit the ledge
Not a task at all to answer all
The voices in his head
It's OJ before he stashed that glove
Helpin you reach your final destination
Quicker than your satnav does
A badman
Who has mad stance and packs that punch
Let him know its never ending like a fat mans lunch
Mother Lovers

Fuck a tweet chatter your beak
And leeks pasa?
Bet you if we catch you you’ll leak your weak bladder
Put ya strand on ya, ya piece and tell you no speak nadda
This is people pieces, not sweet like its pina colada
Or Tropicana, or any fool that's from the Bahamas
No banana, no pineapple, no mango, no guava
Nah its 'Lash man
Back on my grizzle grind
For rizzle for shankle for shizzle my nizzle my nine

Couldn't sum this up like a monkey with an abacus
Mad absinthe's eradicating any abstinence
So far gone I need some psychoanalysis
My biro writes through these time clock parameters
Live life in the balance like a tightrope fanatic
Flip lives long when the 5-0 hunt the cannabis
It's like magic with a puff of the smoke how he vanishes
Yet still pulls rabbits out the hat like Paul Daniels

[Bill Shakes]
Smell the vodka
Do your for your bread and butter
Slap ya out your Ralph Lauren teddy jumper
Belly buster
Lost your pill rent another
Look mate I push weight
Dont get toned up munchin' a tesco drug
Lookin' like death warmed up
I'll send the thunder
Lightning quick
Time to split
Cause like minus 6
We ignite that piff
Line of chizz, Heinekens and a tiny bitch

[Eric The Red]
It's Eric The Red
The uncontrollable, unmouldable
Unapproachable, know-it-all
Your shit sounds watered down like its soluble
Keep it low key like a crime thats unsolvable
Like a bowlin' ball spinnin' in the alley
Fuck wearin' a bally
Chillin' in death valley
Await the finale like a heavyweight title
Without Bear Grylls livin' a life of survival

[King Kashmere]
The real pow wow not the fake vibrational
Your row now quakes the foundational
Listen to the don with the necronomicon in his palm
And the fire that he vomits upon
Hitch a ride then the comet is gone
Til the next star system
With orion girls droppin her thong
All hail the mad titan
The scavenger of flesh
Tryna court the affections of the avatar of death

Chasin' rappers like the owe me somethin'
I just updated
This one on some whole new function
They can't out run me
I teleport em both and crumble
Before armour make 'em disappear those two jumpers
These ain't steps
These leaps, those humungous
You get trampled just for playin' games
No jumanji
Roll that dice
And double when we roll up on him
You couldn't
Focus high enough to see the gold im ??

[Farma G]
You little piggies pork bellied for the carnivore (a grudge match)
I'm out huntin' with the dinosaur (don't mention age)
I'm twice the man of war (jellyfish kids)
Your skin blisters let me piss up on your poster board
(AHHHHHHH...) You fuckin' egg fried gassin'
Red face rotten psychopathic tiny accent??
The buddha face baby, toothache and headbangin'
Lowlife, the reunion without the Braintax in

[Chester P]
My slang's [clarity?], words of a dirty feathered blitz
Persecutin' verses emerging on empty headed kids
Burst your purse in the search for a piece of solid food
My world's a hurricane surroundin' me with solitude
How many sheep are here to count before I fall asleep?
A twisted guy in a permanent type of war with peace
Supernaturally blessed with a dark omen
The shark fin king of the start of your last moments