Think Twice
[Intro: DJ Premier]
DJ Premier!
Back again!
Ready to do the damn thing!
Like I always do, yer!
This time, we’re goin’ overseas!
Four brothers better known as The Four Owls!
I think you better think twice about this one!
Let’s go!

[Hook (x2): Samples]
"Think twice before you step in my lane!"
"Catch these bars, you know I’m playin’ like a sport!"

[Verse 1: Leaf Dog]
See me on the track masked up like I’m robbin’ trains
Think twice like a siamese, with a double brain
Flyin’ for a minute, now you’re gone like the missing plane
Waitin' on my lines like a sub that can’t play the game
Thoughts out, the same teeth break when they bite this
Disarm your style, chop the hand off you write with
They got more issues than The Source Magazine
Claim they marry to the game but get divorced by the scene
People will only think again if they have to
Like a nose job feeling the pain for face value
Don’t let it cloud you, learn to take a breather
You know you got it covered with a Leaf like sativa
Can make your bars a little more fresh like prison cleaners
Welcome to the premier, live from new arenas right here
So I leave with the legacy proceeds
Prem chopping up your ear like Mark Brandon Read
Let’s go, son!

[Verse 2: Fliptrix]
I grab the microphone and I’m causin’ the pandemonium
Practically supernatural, capture you like opium
You have to take notes before you could dream a fold in ‘em
Understand the sentence or turn into custodial
Bars so fly they go over your head like bird’s eye view
So you need to think twice about the words I use
They’re confusing like doppelgangers in a parallel universe having deja-vu
They live the life as you before your birth
That’s absurd!
I’m cruisin’ like hang gliders
Makin’ moves like atoms in the Hadron Collider
Who’s badder? Who’s wiser? Who do you root for?
I know the latter's the survivor
Calibrate the mind like scales, weigh your life up
Evaluate the difference of money is something priceless
Trust you can’t buy this!
Come to make decisions, the ones you take will define ya!


[Verse 3: BVA]
They can’t get near but make it sure they catch me
Premier production never reproduct factories
Never see us fall off like bad leaves
But bad seeds will grow and give MC’s bad dreams
The face reads take caution, rain fire like the four horseman
We cut ‘em off before their first breath like an abortion
Like a vinyl see a fake star warpin’
Takin’ bids in the room full of rich pricks like an auction
We hammer down independent, we never lived in glamour town
Swim a gram around, punch sound for sound
Use the power like aikido
Shit, man, I take it off and beat ‘em with their own ego
Keep the rhymin’ scientific
Now it’s studied like the Mayans’ writ’ it
Coded lines to design specific
When I was younger ‘bout the realness I had to spit it
We underground, you wanna feel this you have to dig it

[Verse 4: Verb T]
Anything that come this way bound to ricochet
Prayin’ on my downfall, now you best think again
Make the right decision, apply the wisdom
‘Ever on the rise like the price of livin’
I sit and talk to my alter ego
Things change will it alter me, though?
He’s so scandalous just landed at Heathrow
Heads still flying, oh, magic rap Dinamo
Some died of old age, sittin’, try to blow up
But I chase dreams so I won’t die in hope
I try ‘n’ cope life under the microscope
Heavy on the heart like years doin’ lines of coke
After hate all that’s left is pain
So best think twice about yesterday
We say yes today not tomorrow
‘cause the aim is to set the pace not to follow
The Owls!

[Hook (x2)]