Rosario Dawson
COP 1: Don't you move! Don't you freakin' move! Interlock your fingers behind your head and get on your knees. On your knees! Do it! Do it now! Don't you move. I'll put a bullet in you! Last chance, asshole! I will not hesitate to put you down! On your knees, do it!
COP 2: Keep your eyes on him.
All right.
Nice and slow.
Matt kneels.
- You got him? - Yeah, yeah.
COP 1: Cuff the son of a bitch.
Matt is handcuffed.
-What about this asshole?
-Take care of him like we were told. No witnesses.

Matt beats up the cops, and from the last he gets the keys to his handcuffs.

MATT: How bad are you hurt?
He replies in Russian, Matt kicks him.

The cop crawls to his radio. When he turns, Matt is gone.
-Central! 15 Eddie! Shots fired! Shots fired! Two suspects on foot!


Ben Urich is seen using a deck of cards to represent people and events to link crime around the city. For instance, using the "Jack" cards to represent Vladimir and Anatoly. At the top he places a "King" card with a question mark to symbolize the unknown head of the operation.

BEN: What's going on?
- All right, listen up, everybody! We have reports coming in of multiple explosions all across Hell's Kitchen. Hey, Henricks, call PD, get a statement.
- Yeah.
- Taylor, reach out to your guy at public works and see if gas or methane had anything to do with this.
What are the locations? You see me talking here, Urich?
URICH: I'm just saying, it'd help if we knew where we were going to cover this.
Caldwell, give me that list. Where are you? Please. Come on, come on. All right, locations are as follows, 44th and 11th, 48th and 9th, 47th and 12th, 42nd and 10th.
URICH: It's not gas.
- How do you know that?
URICH: Places that were hit, all controlled by the Russians.
Ben! Ben!
WESLEY: Yes. Yes, it is. I'll let him know. (turns off) Vladimir is in the wind.
FISK: How?
WESLEY: Our friend in the black mask, he was beating on him, but stopped Officer Corbin and his boys from finishing him off.
FISK: Then he wasn't trying to kill Vladimir.
WESLEY: Based on what we know, probably trying to get him to talk about you. Blake was clumsy, letting the mask get his phone. I had just texted him the addresses for the sweep.
FISK: We'll deal with Blake later. We need to contain this.
WESLEY: Vladimir and the mask won't make it out of the area. The sweep will pick them up.
FISK: Gao put her trust in me. She gave me her help. She's going to be disappointed the situation hasn't concluded as neatly as promised. What are you gonna tell her?
WESLEY: The truth.
WESLEY: Lying to that woman is impossible.
WESLEY: She'll want to know what our next move is.
FISK: Letting the police do their jobs. That's what I pay them for, isn't it?

There's scumbags in the corridor. We got two more over there.
You go check on them, okay?
- Every one.
- Yeah.
We got something here.

A Russian, covered in rubble, tries talking before coughing blood.
- He don't look so bad.
- Yeah, all things considered.
Swear to God, that asshole knew I was a righty.

Oh, that hurts? English! Where's Vladimir?
-I don't know!
-Where would he go, huh, if he didn't want to be found?
- He's got a girl somewhere maybe?
- I don't know. I don't know! I swear! I swear, please, please... Stop! -Yeah, yeah, all right.
He shoots the Russian.
-You find anyone alive, shoot 'em in the head.
- Got it.
- Roger that.
Matt is carrying Vladimir, and enters an abandoned building.
MATT: Don't move. You've been shot.
(he replies in Russian)
MATT: That sounds pretty bad, but I don't speak asshole.
VLADIMIR: I'm going to kill you for taking my brother's head.
MATT: You got the wrong guy. I don't kill people. Not even scumbags like you who deserve it.
VLADIMIR: You dropped Semyon off roof. Put him in coma.
MATT: Yeah but he was still breathing, wasn't he?
VLADIMIR: Your mask. I found it and what was left of my brother.
MATT: I didn't kill your brother.
MATT: You think I'm the one that blew your operation to shit, too? You're being played by Fisk.
VLADIMIR: The man you work for.
MATT: Look, I don't know what you've been told, but it's more of Fisk's games. He's trying to put you in the ground. I'm not. Choose a side.
VLADIMIR: I choose my own.
MATT: Not an option. Fisk made sure of that.
What do you want?
Fisk. On trial for everything he's done.
(laughs before coughing blood) Then you're a fool.
Yeah. And you're bleeding out, so here we are.
VLADIMIR: And if I believe you and give you what you want to know, what do I get out of it?
VLADIMIR: I have counterproposal. Suck my dick.
Vladimir passes out.
Vladimir... Vladimir...

REPORTER: Though no one's made official statements about the nature of the explosions, the NYPD is urging everyone to stay inside until authorities are clear on the nature of...

Foggy and Karen enter, the latter holding a cloth on the gash
We need help! Hey! Hey! I got an elderly woman over here and she's bleeding bad! - Where's she hurt? - Are you a nurse? Yeah.
Pretty bad laceration.
- What's her name?
- Mrs. Cardenas.
We'll wait here for you, Mrs. C! She's gonna She's gonna be fine.
- I'm just glad we were with her.
- Yeah.
Early reports from the city
FOGGY: Jesus, look at this. It's like a war zone out there. We better call Matt and make sure he's okay.
KAREN: Yeah. Foggy, you're bleeding.
He notices a bloody patch under his armpit.
FOGGY: Oh, that explains it.
KAREN: Explains what?
FOGGY: The stabbing pain in my side.
KAREN: Foggy! Sit. Here, just stay here. I'm gonna go and try to find somebody, okay?
FOGGY: I'll just, uh yeah.

- Shit, what happened? Let's get these people triaged and coded, and get Central on the line.
We need to reroute incoming casualties to Mercy or St. Mary's.
What are you doing here?
-I heard you were in a car accident.
-And since when do you drive?
- I made a very bad decision.
- That's my whole life.
Good to have you back.
Anybody see Shapiro? Shapiro?

Claire's burner rings.
CLAIRE: Please tell me all this isn't you dealing with the Russians.
Wasn't me, but I don't think you have to worry about them anymore.
You call just to tell me that?
MATT: No, I need your help. I found someone who has intel on what I've been looking for, but he's been shot.
So call 911.
MATT: Can't. Police are the ones that shot him. Thinking they'd like a crack at finishing the job.
You want me to come out to you in all this?
No, I want you to walk me through stabilizing him.
CLAIRE: It's not as easy as it looks in the movies, you know?
MATT: I don't really go to the movies. I like records, though.
(sighs) All right.
There's something else you need to know. The man I'm trying to save... it's Vladimir.
The shithead that had me beat up? That's who you want me to help?
Look, you have every right to tell me to go to hell, but he's important, Claire. What he knows could bring Fisk down and save more people like you from getting hurt. Claire?
- Is there an exit wound?
MATT: Thank you. Uh, no. The bullet's still inside him. It's still half a degree hotter than the surrounding tissue.
CLAIRE: Is there any kind of first aid kit?
MATT: I'm in a warehouse. Abandoned.
-Tell me what's there, anything you can use.
MATT:All right, hang on. Uh, half a box of nails broken glass uh, wood, duct tape, old roadside emergency kit, lot of plastic sheeting.
-The kit, are there any flares in it?
MATT:Yeah, two.
-All right you're gonna cauterize the wound.
MATT:Shouldn't I dig the bullet out first?
CLAIRE:Remember what I said about this not being a movie? You cut him open and start digging around, you'll kill him. This way at least he has a chance of not bleeding out before you get what you need out of him and it'll hurt like a son of a bitch, so bonus.
MATT:All right, how do I do this?
CLAIRE:Just light the flare, hold it close to his skin until the entry wound seals.
MATT:Okay, I'm gonna put you on speaker.
He presses it, and then lights the flare.

MATT: All right, I got it.
CLAIRE:Don't let up no matter how much he screams.
MATT:Professional advice or personal?
CLAIRE:Little of both.
MATT:All right, cauterizing the wound.

Vladimir yells, before Matt shoves his hand in his mouth.
Outside, a cop hears the screams.

CLAIRE: Did it stop the bleeding?
- Thanks, Claire. I gotta go. [turns off]
-Central, Post 41. Pick up of a 10-10. Northwest corner of 4-7 and 12. Abandoned building. Gimme an 85.

-10-4, Post 41. Additional en route.

-Show me your hands! Show me your hands, now!
MATT: He can't hear you.
Matt beats up the cop.
MATT:I'm gonna take my knee off your throat. Stay quiet, answer my questions, or your night's gonna get a hell of a lot worse. Understand? [releases his throat] Who do you work for?
The City of New York.
MATT:I'm gonna ask you again. Think about your answer. Who do you work for?
The City of New York. I got two months on the job.
[the heart beat is right]
MATT:Call Central. Tell them it was a false alarm. No need to send backup.
I do that, you let me walk?
Central, Post 41 K.
10-4, Post 41.
Second floor! Perp in mask! Wounded civilian... [Matt punches him unconscious]
10-4, Post 41.
10-13, 10-13.
Abandoned building, 47th and 12th, second floor.
- Roger that.
Adam responding.
- Fifteenth Squad en route.

Where's Sullivan? Anybody got eyes? Take it down, Pinski.
Me and Hoffman are HNT on this.
Secure the perimeter and try not to piss yourself. We gotta do this right. This is a hostage job. Nobody goes in and nobody comes out.
Let's go.
You think he's in there?
-Sullivan told Central it was a "masked perp." Russian was with the dickhead last we heard, so yeah, I'm thinking he's the wounded civvie.
- All right, I'll make the call.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Christ.
- Where do you think you're going? Let's see some ID.
All right, all right.
Go ahead.
Detectives! Thought IAB'd have you riding a desk, after that thing with the Russians at the station.
You see what's going on here? Nobody's riding a desk tonight.
BEN: Can I get a statement?
- Yeah. The world's a shitty place. You can quote me.
BEN: Where's ESU?
Had their hands full with that building that went up.
Carl, don't talk to him.
What's the matter with you?
BEN: What about the cop in there? Officer, uh Sullivan?
How the hell you know that?
BEN: How long I been doing this?
Long enough to be a pain in the ass.
BEN: Just doing my job.
And we're doing ours so stay back and out of the way. You know, this thing goes sideways, I can't promise you don't get caught up.
BEN: Thanks. I'll keep my head down.
Yeah, you do that.

WESLEY: I'll let him know. Wait for instruction. [turns off phone]
The man in the mask has turned up. Assaulting a cop in an abandoned building on 12th.
FISK: One of ours?
No, some kid fresh out of the academy.
FISK: What about Vladimir?
- Holed up with the mask. Blake and Hoffman have assumed HNT on scene, secured the perimeter, waiting for the go-ahead to take the building.
FISK: Give it. I wanna get this behind us.
There's a complication. A reporter from the Bulletin.
FISK: Turn his head.
It's Ben Urich.
FISK: The Union Allied article.
If he picks up on anything doesn't smell right it could be a problem.
FISK: Problems are just opportunities that haven't presented themselves. You reach out to all of our contacts in the media. I want everyone in Hell's Kitchen to see what's about to happen.

VLADIMIR:You've been busy.
MATT: The building's surrounded. Ten officers, four dogs. More coming.
VLADIMIR: How do you know this?
MATT: Lucky guess.
VLADIMIR: We could have used that.
MATT: I'm not big on guns.
VLADIMIR:Great. Little stick, much better. What did you do to me?
MATT: Road flare. Cauterized the wound.
VLADIMIR:You burned me?
MATT:Yeah, I had to stop the bleeding.
VLADIMIR: No! [he moans]
MATT: Bullet's still inside you. Wouldn't move around, if I were you.
VLADIMIR: You expect me to say thank you?
If I didn't need you alive, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
VLADIMIR: [giggles, and coughs in pain] So you just stand there and let me die, huh? But you couldn't kill me yourself. Is that where you draw the line?
MATT: Tell me what I want to know about Fisk.
VLADIMIR: You think you're different from me? From him? But you'll get there. Sooner or later we all do, men like us.
MATT: A man like Fisk just took out your entire operation. And he may not own all the cops, but he owns enough that you won't make it into a prison cell. Right now, I'm your only shot at getting out of this building alive.
VLADIMIR: His lapdog came to us first. He told us his employer had taken note. He complimented us on our business. Invited us to be part of something bigger to expand if we entered into an agreement.
MATT: What did Fisk offer?
VLADIMIR:Police looking other way aid from politicians and access to Chinese and their heroin.
MATT: He's working with the Chinese?
VLADIMIR: You really don't know anything, do you? Just snapping at scraps falling from table.
MATT: I want names. Everything you know about them and how they connect to Fisk.
VLADIMIR:There's only one name that matters. The man that can tie it all together.
MATT: Who?
VLADIMIR:Have you heard of the name Leslie Shumway?
MATT: No, he work for Fisk?
VLADIMIR: [chuckles] American schools Almost as bad as Russian. MATT: Come on.
VLADIMIR:Leslie Shumway was an accountant to your Al Capone.
MATT:Okay, you know who Fisk's money man is.
VLADIMIR:Not just Fisk. He handled it for all of us.
MATT: Who is he? Where do I find him?
VLADIMIR:We were going to rule this city my brother and I.
MATT: Vladimir, the name!
VLADIMIR:His name... His name is... His name is...
He closes his eyes.
VLADIMIR: This is not how I die. This is not how it happens.

the two fall down several floorboards.

You see that, old timer? That's you not mattering anymore.
Television's been around a while.
Maybe you've heard.
- Ah, funny guy.
- Yeah, a real crack-up.
How's it feel, Urich, knowing that your day's passed? You're like the freaking dinosaurs, watching that big rock crashing into 'em.
BEN: I still got a few good stories in me. Maybe you two'll pop up in one of them.
Night's young, never know what might happen.
We good? You framed up? Kyle, authorities have cornered the suspects in the bombings that occurred earlier this evening in Hell's Kitchen, believing they may have taken a police officer hostage.
While they haven't released the name of the police officer in question...
KAREN: Matt, it's Karen, again. Uh, where are you? Would you just please give us a call when you get this? [turns off] He's still not answering.
FOGGY: Did you try his apartment?
KAREN: Three times.
FOGGY:All right, let's not jump to things people jump to.
Well, he's a blind guy in a war zone. Seems like jumping's a pretty reasonable option.
FOGGY:You don't know him like I do. Sometimes I even forget he can't see, the way he zips around.
KAREN: So you're not worried?
FOGGY: I'm gonna go look for him.
He tries getting up
KAREN: Whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no. The hell you are. Lay back.
FOGGY:I'm the closest he has to family. He'd do the same for me.
I know and I love that about you guys, but don't be an idiot.
FOGGY:Wouldn't be the first time.
KAREN: You've played the hero enough for one day. You're here, and safe. So let's keep it that way, okay? [kisses his forehead] I am gonna go check downstairs make sure Matt hasn't been brought in.
FOGGY: Karen?
KAREN: Yeah?
FOGGY:Hell of a first date, huh?
I've, uh actually had worse.

MATT (ANSWERING MACHINE) This is Matt Murdock. Leave a message.
FOGGY: Matt? It's Foggy. Where are you, buddy?

Matt awakens in the rubble amidst Vladimir's groans.
MATT: That wasn't very smart.
VLADIMIR: But it was fun watching you bleed.
MATT: You think this is a game?
VLADIMIR: If it was you'd be losing.
He closes his eyes, passing out.
MATT: No. No! [starts doing CPR on Vladimir] Come on. I'm not done with you yet. You hear me? I'm not done with you yet.
Vladimir eventually awakens again.
VLADIMIR:What? What?
MATT:You died. I brought you back.
VLADIMIR:You lied, huh? You can't even stand there and let me die.
MATT: No. Not until you give me what I need on Fisk.

WESLEY: Emergency Service Unit is en route. Blake and Hoffman are clearing a channel.
He hands Fisk a walkie-talkie.

The ESU van arrives.

Come on, let's go! Move! Move! - They're good shots.
- Then shoot. Tell those guys, they shoot anyone who moves.
We got ESU on the scene.
Everybody switch your radios to channel five and maintain radio discipline.
BEN: What happens next, Detective?
-Don't know. Maybe you finally get a story worth printing. Let's go, fellas.

Matt is checking the walls.
VLADIMIR: What are you doing?
MATT: Finding us a way out.
He does so on the floor.

FISK (on walkie): I'd like to speak to the man in the mask, please. Hello.
Matt finds the cop's walkie.
FISK: Are you there? Can you hear me?
MATT: Who is this?
FISK: I think you know. You've been asking about me. I thought it was time we spoke.
MATT: Say your name.
FISK: You first. That's what I thought. You and I have a lot in common.
MATT: We're nothing alike.
FISK: That's what you'll tell yourself.
MATT: You're feeding off this city like a cancer.
FISK: I want to save this city, like you, only on a scale that matters.
MATT:Now tell that to the people you've hurt.
FISK: Young man, life is not a fairy tale. Not everyone deserves a happy ending.
MATT: I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna make you pay for what you've done.
FISK: No, you are not. Not that I don't admire what you're trying to do, to change the world with nothing but desire and your own two hands, secure in the knowledge that you're doing the right thing, the only thing. That's something that I do understand. But we both can't have what we want. So your part in this drama, by necessity, comes to an end.
MATT: It's gonna take a lot more than a voice on a radio to stop me.
FISK: It's not me you need to worry about. It's the city you just blew the hell out of.
MATT: [chuckles ]You... You think anyone's gonna believe that? FISK: You're running around in a mask, holing up with a known felon in the wake of a series of bombings. There's that police officer you're holding hostage, so yes. Actually, I do. But it doesn't have to be this way. The Russian is he alive?
VLADIMIR: I'm still here, you fat shit!
MATT: Does that answer your question?
FISK: It's a one-time offer. You kill the Russian, and we'll call the night a push. You know what he's done to women, to children. To the people of this city that you claim to care about. But do you know how much he enjoyed it?
MATT: You just confirmed how important he is. That must worry you, what he might tell me.
FISK: Which means he hasn't told you anything yet. You're a child playing at being a hero.
MATT: No, no, I'm not trying to be a hero. I'm just a guy that got fed up with men like you and I decided to do something about it.
FISK: That's what makes you dangerous. It's not the mask. It's not the skills. It's your ideology. The lone man who thinks he can make a difference. I'm glad we could talk. I, I respect your conviction even if it runs counter with with my own.
MATT:Yeah, keep telling yourself you've won. It'll make what I'm gonna do to you so much more satisfying.
FISK: Your part ends tonight.
MATT:And if that's true, others will take my place. They'll see what I was trying to do and they'll make sure...
FISK: No, they won't. The city will burn you in effigy. Your name, your very existence will be met with abhorrence and disgust.
He nods to Wesley.
WESLEY: Do it.

BEN: You guys don't seem to be doing much hostage negotiating.
How many times, Urich? I told you, back off!
BEN: You know, this is bullshit and you know it.
You want to start giving me some straight answers, Detective? Huh, Detective? You gonna start being straight with me?
Blake! Shit! Shit! Get an EMT! Go! Go! Go!

MATT:What did you do?
FISK: What you forced me to do. Goodbye. I'm afraid we won't speak again.
MATT: Fisk. Fisk! Fisk, answer me!
Angry, he yells and throws the walkie on the wall.

FISK: Tell our friends to roll the tape.
REPORTER: ...authorities ask that you contact them immediately.
A deadly shooting just moments ago as three of New York's finest have been gunned down in Hell's Kitchen.
We still have little information as to who.
We are just getting word of a fast development in the investigation into the Hell's Kitchen explosions.
FOGGY: Turn it up.
FOGGY: Turn it up. I want to hear this.
The authorities have just released some video. This is taken just moments after the explosions that stunned Hell's Kitchen earlier tonight, pulled from a security camera. And authorities believe this man is responsible for the bombings, possibly as part of an ongoing feud with the Russian mob.
KAREN: Oh, my God. That's him.
The same man suspected of having just shot and killed the three police officers - at the scene of a standoff
KAREN:That's the guy who saved my life.
FOGGY: This guy? Jesus. You're lucky he didn't kill you.
KAREN: I don't understand why he would do something like this. He just didn't seem like - I don't know, he just didn't
FOGGY: General rule guys who wear masks have something to hide, and it usually ain't good.

Battleground of Hell's Kitchen, one has to wonder whose side is this man on?

MATT: It's really not a good time.
CLAIRE: On the news they're saying that you shot those cops.
MATT: No. It was Fisk. It's all Fisk.
CLAIRE: What's going on out there?
MATT: Hang on.
The cops are entering the building.
MATT: Claire. Um - What you said, before I left -
CLAIRE:I was... I'm sorry, I just...
MATT: No, don't be. It turns out you were... You were right about me. I just don't want you getting caught up if it goes that way. If we don't get a chance to talk again, you take care of yourself. [turns off]
CLAIRE: Matt? Matt, wait!

They burst in the opening.

Matt finds a manhole cover. He tries pulling it, and then Vladimir helps him.
VLADIMIR: Told you. This is not how I die.
Second floor clear.

Officer Sullivan is dead. I say again, Officer Sullivan is dead.
He complains behind the gag, and get his throat slit.

MATT: This way.
VLADIMIR: Where are we?
MATT: Access tunnels. The city was built on a network of these, most of them sealed up years ago. All right, we have to keep moving, find a way to the street.
COP: Freeze!

Matt punches them while avoiding the machine gun fire.
MATT: Let's go.
Vladimir is sitting against the wall, holding a rifle.
MATT: There are five more coming. All working for Fisk, probably not even real cops. We don't have time for this.
VLADIMIR: I think maybe I stay.
MATT: We can still make it out of here. You turn evidence on Fisk, we can --
VLADIMIR: He controls all police judges. There's only one way to stop him, you know this.
MATT: No. I'm not a killer.
VLADIMIR: The moment you put on the mask you got into cage with animals. Animals don't stop fighting. Not until one of them is dead. What Fisk did to me he'll do to you. And he will do it to everyone you care about. Will you feel the same way then? [gets up] Or will you be man and do what you know you must do? The dermo who controls money, his name is Leland Owlsley. He will give you what you think you want. But it won't be enough. You know that now, don't you? Go.

Matt kicks a lock, and Vladimir cocks the gun. Matt walks out, Vladimir sings in Russian.
COPS: Got something! Move! Move! Move!

While Matt walks out in the tunnel, we hear gunfire.