Rosario Dawson
Immortal Emerges from Cave
Because of who you are, there will always be forces gathering against you preparing, waiting looking for a weakness in you.Disguised as a friend.Slipping past you as a stranger. They are everywhere.
[clamoring] [Thunderer] You must always be aware of their presence, because they are aware of you.
[Andrei scoffs] [in Russian] The time has come.
[Thunderer] They study your every move, looking for what you reveal to them.
[knocking on door] In this way, you are your own worst enemy.
[in Korean] The time has come.
Oh, talking away And I don't know what to say Say it anyway All the times that I got to remember Keep shying away I'll be coming for your love okay - Take on me - [grunting] - Take me on - [panting] I'll be - [choking] - [grunts] [breathing heavily] [sighs] [chuckles] [breathing heavily] [in Japanese] The time has come.
[chuckles] [Thunderer] And this is why I tolerate no questioning from you because doubt leads To death.

[theme music playing]

[Danny] I am so sorry.
- We'll make this right.
- [clicks mouse] [sighs] [fingers tapping] [door opens] - We're taking care of it.
- What? That.
Went with CIR.
- Wilkins's recommendation.
- CIR? Crisis Intervention Resources.
They handle this sort of thing.
Wayne Olsen himself is coming in at 4:00 for a risk assessment brief.
That's the crisis response manual.
It's good.
Review it before the meeting.
- Commission payments are taken care of - Wait.
We we hired a crisis management team? You didn't get my e-mail? [clicks mouse] - Oh, I missed that.
- [sighs] You good for this meeting? What do you mean? I just mean Are you gonna be all right today? Why do you ask? What happened last night can't happen again.
I mean, I feel like I'm on my own here, Ward.
I - [sighs] - We have real trouble, and you I mean, I have no idea what's going on with you.
Nothing is going on with me.
Well, I tried to turn a blind eye.
I've tried to ignore it.
I know what's in the drawer.
[chuckles] Listen Sorry.
[sighs] [chuckling] I threw out my back.
I took too many muscle relaxers, and I'm a lightweight.
You know that.
[drawer opens] [sighs] [imitates explosion] - It's not a thing.
- [drawer closes] [claps] Promise.
You scared me, okay? I made a mistake.
Won't happen again.
I need you to do something for me.
- Shoot.
- Danny.
This is all about him.
He has got to be at that meeting today.
[sighs] I got it.
I'll make sure that he's there.
[sighs] Found two more warehouses on the Lower East Side, Mr.
- Is that everything? - Yes, sir.
- Please, it's Danny.
- [knocking on door] Megan, could you give us a minute? Of course, Mr.
I'm a little busy, Ward.
Danny I found the man who makes the Hand's heroin.
They kidnapped the guy's daughter.
Jesus, Danny.
I'm thinking they use the Rand warehouse system.
- She may be in one of these - Stop with your crazy story.
- We have a real problem.
- This is a real problem.
[sighs] Have you seen the video of you apologizing? Yeah, I've seen it.
In the time it took me to walk from my office, we're probably over six million views.
What's your point? We laid out a path for you to follow.
Why didn't you? The woman's son was dying.
Hey, sad story.
Not our problem.
Corporate leaders do not admit culpability.
We have to take control of this.
- [sighs] - Here.
Review this.
These guys are gonna help us.
You're gonna be there.
Meeting's at 4:00.
[scoffs] You handle it.
Excuse me? There's a woman's life in danger.
So I'm thinking I may not take the meeting.
I made a promise that you're gonna be there.
You're gonna be there.
- We better get moving, then.
- What do you mean? Six warehouses.
We can see 'em all - and be back by 4:00.
- Come on.
Do this tomorrow.
This can't wait.
No more bullshit.
I'm going with you.
- You will be back here on time.
- [sighs] Whatever, Dad.
Don't even say that.
[sighs] [door lock beeps] - That's yours? - Sure is.
- You sure we're gonna be back in time? - [scoffs] In this Yeah.
Monastery Boy in an Aston Martin.
[exhales heavily] I had the fastest donkey cart in K'un-Lun, too.
[engine starting] [engine revving] [Claire sighs] That's it.
I mean, we gotta get him to a hospital.
[Radovan groans] I don't want a hospital.
- Mr.
Radovan - I I want my daughter.
Danny's taking care of that.
Right now, we need to take care of you.
- [wheezing] - Shh.
[softly] We should call an ambulance.
[softly] Not sure that's the best idea.
Look, if we don't do something soon, you're gonna have a dead man on your bed.
Yeah, what about his daughter? That's Danny's problem.
Our problem is if he continues to decline, there'll be nobody for his daughter to come back to.
If I go to the hospital, I'll be arrested.
And they will kill Sabina.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- You have no idea what they're capable of.
- I've got a pretty good idea.
- [breathing heavily] - We wait for Danny.
- [Radovan groaning] He'll bring your daughter.
[grunts] This is the fourth one, Danny.
It's three o'clock.
We gotta head back.
Not until I find her.
You're wasting your time.
What's worse, my time.
There is no heroin, no girl, nothing.
Look, you can stay in the car if you want.
I'm not stopping.
[warehouse door opens] [metal clanging] I thought you were staying in the car.
Thought wrong.
This it? Yeah.
[doors creaking] Holy shit! Holy shit! [Danny grunts] [exhales heavily] We have to call the police.
We have to call the No, no, no, no, no.
Rand can't be tied to this.
[sighs] [breathing heavily] Danny, we have to get out of here! Hey! What the hell are you doing? I fought him.
Because he didn't stop me, they killed him.
[speaking Mandarin] What is that? [Danny] An invitation.
I'm not going anywhere else.
You weren't invited.
It's for me only.
[sighs] Danny.
How is he? - Not good.
- Better.
His right bronchi are contracting.
He doesn't have very long.
What about his daughter? It's called da jue zhan.
A grand duel.
The Hand's version of a challenge.
Their best fighters against me.
If I defeat them, they'll meet my demands.
You've done this before? - In K'un-Lun, yeah.
- [Claire sighs] Not against the Hand, but in order to advance and rise through the ranks, I challenged and was challenged in return.
Many times.
It was a regular part of my life.
You're serious? This this is what you're gonna do? - It's the only way to get Sabina back.
- [Claire sighs] Yeah, not the only way.
There is a little thing called "notifying the police.
" Nah, it's too risky.
We can't take that chance.
The duel begins at sundown.
We haven't got much time.
Too risky.
Of course.
Danny, what you're talking about is crazy.
I'll go with you.
[sighs] You can't.
This is for me only.
- Danny - I've been doing this for 15 years.
But not against the Hand.
I know.
You're right.
The Hand was a myth drummed into me.
I'd never met them face-to-face.
You're saying I have more experience fighting the Hand than you? [scoffs] Well, if you want to get technical about it.
I know what they are, what they can do.
This is not something you just walk into.
This is what I'm supposed to do.
What do you mean, "supposed to do"? Look [sighs] I'm not just an ordinary fighter, okay? [sighs] I'm the Iron Fist.
The hell does that mean? It means I never lose.
The more you talk the weirder this gets.
[Colleen] Danny Look, this is right.
Why? Coming back to New York I thought things were gonna be different.
It hasn't been what I thought.
I have been preparing to defend K'un-Lun my entire life against the Hand.
And now, I find out that they are here? This is where I'm meant to be.
[sighs] [breathing heavily] [softly] What the hell? [sniffles] Oh, come on.
[muttering] Come on.
Come on.
Megan! [yells] Megan! - Did you empty my trash can? - Maintenance came by early today.
- Why? - I I didn't ask.
- Do you want me to - [door opens] Hey, crisis management team is here.
- Did I interrupt something? - No.
No, it's fine.
Danny's not in his office.
- Yeah.
- You got him, right? No, I didn't get him.
You know how he is.
He's caught up in something of his own.
- I should've, but - Right.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm tired of hearing that.
- Come on, now.
It's not that bad.
- [Joy chuckles] Ward, Wayne Olsen.
- Nice to meet you, Ward.
- Likewise, Mr.
And will Mr.
Rand be joining? Ah, afraid not, Mr.
He's - Uh, indisposed.
- Understood.
And call me Wayne.
Your father did.
Learned a lot from him.
He always said, "Find fruit in failure.
" [chuckles] That he did.
And you have more YouTube views than that incredible green guy, which is its own sort of success.
[chuckles] It's a beautiful thing.
So let's build on that.
The greatest thing that ever happened to Rand was the day Danny walked back through the door.
[chuckles] Okay.
- You're scared.
- No.
I wanna help.
Let me help.
Just take care of Radovan.
And I'll get Sabina.
I understand why you're going.
I just don't want you to.
[Danny] I'm not going to get hurt.
I promise.
[grunts] I have a vision of total victory and nothing else.
It's the reason I've gotten this far.
[grunts] Defeat has no place in my mind.
This isn't a tournament.
Or any kind of challenge you're used to.
If you lose they'll kill you.
Right? That's not gonna happen.
[sighs] Why are you so confident? It isn't confidence.
Doubt leads to death.
Tell me the legend again.
[Thunderer] Why are you so interested in hearing it? Because it gives me courage.
[Thunderer] A child touched by fire.
Delivered from heaven to be our greatest warrior.
Destined for victory.
And that's me? Don't you know? I've mastered everything.
Not everything.
[Danny] What else is there? [Thunderer] You have yet to face the most cunning opponent of them all.
The Hand.
[Thunderer] No.
[Claire] Who're you talking to? It's time.
[groaning] [Claire] No, no, no, no, no! Shh! He's really hurting.
- [grunting] - Calm, calm, calm, clam.
I need to get that bandage down.
[whispers] Can you help me? - I need you to stay calm.
- [Radovan wheezing] - Hey, hey, hey.
- Sabina! No.
[stutters] I'm not.
I'm not.
I'm not.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no, no, no.
Just just stay hold on holding on to him.
Okay? - Just talk to him - About what? [whispers] Anything.
Keep him calm.
- [sighs] - [Claire shushing] - Sabina, do you hate me? - I don't wanna do this.
You're doing great.
He's he's focused on you.
Just keep calm.
Just just another minute.
You're my whole life.
Then why did you leave? [Radovan] Forgive me.
Is he - No.
- [sighs] [breathing heavily] We got to take him in.
[softly] Yeah.
[indistinct chatter] [doors creaking] [doors creaking] The Iron Fist accepts the challenge of the Grand Duel in the name of the holy city of K'un-Lun.
My terms are that, upon my victory, the Hand will relinquish custody of the young woman Sabina and depart from Rand.
My master agrees to your terms.
Should you lose, but remain alive, you must remove yourself from all of our dealings.
I'm Danny Rand, apprentice of Lei Kung, - champion of K'un-Lun.
- [Grigori chuckles] Is this for real? [Andrei] You're that rich kid that everybody thought was dead.
You were on the cover of Forbes.
You understand this is a fight to the death, right? Why? You wanna reconsider? [chuckles] Not a chance.
We're just curious.
[Grigori] Because if you really are the Iron Fist, why aren't you standing at the gates of K'un-Lun? [Andrei] And who cares anyway? [Grigori] Because I'm going to be the one that puts the Iron Fist into a body bag.
No, I think it's going to be me.
Lot of bragging for two guys tag teaming.
Except that we aren't two.
We are one.
[Andrei] You fall outside, you lose.
Or if you die, you also lose.
[bang echoing] The challenge has begun.
[all grunting] [Thunderer] You cannot be in two places at once.
[groans] You must be a double-edged sword.
[grunting] [all grunting] [panting] So you know how to fight.
But it doesn't make you the Iron Fist.
Because the real Iron Fist would never leave his post.
[Andrei] It would immediately make him unworthy.
- Did you run away, Danny Rand? - [chuckles] - Shut your mouth.
- A sore spot.
Or did you come here to destroy the Hand? - Is that why you're here? - I don't think he knows why he's here.
- He's just a little boy chasing girls.
- [yells] [all grunting] [Thunderer] The enemy will try and divide you.
You are a living weapon.
Drive all other thoughts out of your mind except this Destroy the Hand.
[grunting] [groans] [groaning] [panting] [groaning] Yield.
[Andrei shudders] [grunting] [panting] The first battle is won.
[indistinct chatter] What do we do? [Claire] I need Pulmonary.
- [nurse] Of course! - [woman] Claire? [Claire] Oh, Delicia, thank God.
- I need a line hop.
- Done.
What's the trauma? John Doe.
Collapsing lung.
I improvised a seal, but it's not holding.
Call upstairs.
We're bringing in an active.
- [phone ringing] - [indistinct chatter continues] [elevator chimes] Can we forego on the fingerprints and ID? [scoffs] You haven't changed.
I'll buy as much time as I can.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Heard you were on the floor.
- You heard I was on the floor? - Mmm.
- I've been here 30 seconds.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Friend of yours? - Something like that.
Yeah? Okay, fine.
Fine, um put him at the head of the queue.
Gentlemen, get him on a gurney.
[indistinct announcement on PA] [Radovan moaning] Thanks, Shirley.
[whispering] What are you doin'? [sighs] We did the right thing, right? He's gonna be okay? Yeah.
Yeah, they'll take good care of him.
You're a woman.
[chuckles] I am, indeed.
Does that make you uneasy? No.
[Alessa chuckles] It does.
I sense your fear.
No, you don't.
I fear no one.
-We all fear something. There's no need to hide.
I'm not hiding.
Aren't you? Then why hide behind the mask of Danny Rand? It's not a mask.
It's who I am.
Mmm, I don't think so.
That child died long ago.
I think someone new is waiting to get out.
[gasps] Are we going to fight or not? We don't have to fight.
Why don't you kiss me instead? [breathing heavily] - If you took me for pleasure - [shudders] how would that make you feel? Terrible? Or maybe - Good.
- Hmm.
[chuckles] [gasps] [voice distorting] Aw, you're worried.
Even about a stranger.
There's no need.
[grunting] [Alessa chuckles] [Danny panting and groaning] - What is this? - [chuckles] [voice distorting] Singing Spider venom.
Very rare.
[chuckles] It'll help you let go.
And that's what you want, isn't it? No.
[both grunting] [panting] [voice distorting] Oh, it is.
You want to be free - [grunting] - of all that is boiling inside of you to get out.
You lose control now and then, don't you? Stop! Don't you want to be free of the burden of keeping all that in its cage? You can let it out.
Let it take you.
You're trying to get my heart racing to spread the poison faster.
[panting] [takes deep breath] [grunting] Good! This is the real you.
Follow me, Danny, and I will let you be who you want to be.
[panting] [both grunting] This is the person they wouldn't allow at K'un-Lun, isn't it? The one who feels everything and can't control himself.
They wanted you to push it down.
- [grunts] - But it's here at last.
[Danny grunting] [panting] - I hear you crying at night in your room.
- [crying] Weeping over your parents and their loss.
That grief is a weakness.
Banish it.
I can't.
- [Alessa grunts] - [Danny groans] - Yes, you can.
- [breathing heavily] Just give in.
It's the life you want, and I can give it to you.
You were looking for freedom, and here it is.
A gift I freely give.
[both grunting] [Thunderer] Reject or accept the darkness.
It is your choice.
Both are acceptable.
But your choice Reveals who you are.
[both grunting] - [grunts] - [glass shattering] - [yelling] - [grunts] [Alessa groans] [Gao sighs] The second battle is won.
Are you hurt? [breathing heavily] Barely.
If you wish to withdraw I'm not leaving without the girl.
[Gao sighs] It's a well-crafted statement, and I'm sure that Danny can deliver it with sincerity.
And it's not untrue.
Uh, he was speaking from his heart [Olsen] Yeah, a great quality.
[Joy] He's just not up to speed on everything that we do here.
We admire his character, but he didn't have all the data.
[Olsen] Hmm.
[voice fading] Right, Ward? [normal] Ward? [clattering] [softly] Shit.
[chuckles softly] Uh, thanks for coming.
I, uh I guess we're done here.
Ward? Hey, Ward! Stop, Ward! [sighs] Yes.
Yes, I know that I just had a refill, but like I already explained, my housekeeper accidently threw the bag away with the pills in it.
[sighs] No.
I can't wait until the doctor gets in, in the morning.
[stammers] Okay, thank you for being absolutely no help.
[elevator beeps] [indistinct chatter] [sighs] [horn honks] [breathing heavily] [softly] Jeez.
[sighing] [yells] Ow! [groaning] [indistinct chatter] [groaning] Ah! Ah, my hand.
I hurt it.
Looks like it.
- Car door.
I'm such an idiot.
- [chuckles] Why don't you have a seat? We'll be with you as soon as we can.
Uh, no, that's okay.
Um, just, um, maybe some, uh, Tylenol with Codeine or Percocet, maybe [stammers] I don't think anything's broken.
Let's let the doctor decide that, hmm? [chuckles nervously] I just need something for the pain.
Look, we need to be sure.
It won't be long.
Nothing is broken.
[sighs] Look, I've had a really long day and now this.
[sniffles] So I just need something for the pain, and then I'll be on my way.
If I can just get you to sign in, then - [bangs] - What the - [clattering] - Look [panting] Look What would it take? - Three or four pills, huh? - Oh, I see.
What? Do you want the whole thing? Look, you can leave right now, or I can call security.
Security? Really? - Really? - [Joy] Ward! What is going on? Is this a friend of yours? He's my brother.
Well we seem to be having a problem here.
[panting] Hey Hey.
[sniffles] I was feeling a little You know, I I hurt my hand.
[sighs] It's not like that, Joy.
Let's get you out of here.
[sighing] [car door lock beeps] - [indistinct chatter] - What's wrong? I didn't leave here on the best of terms.
Shirley is not one to give up without a fight.
Unless someone forced her to.
Hey, Delicia, um can you check and see which OR - my John Doe was checked in to? - Sure.
That's strange.
What? He never arrived at an OR.
They have him.
Who has him? [Claire] Come on.
- Claire, are you sure about this? - Yeah, just one more sec, okay? - There.
- Where? - There.
- What level is this? - That is sub three.
- Okay.
Why would they have a patient down there? Because they're leaving! Come on.
To the left.
[woman] I asked Michelle to change schedules [indistinct chatter] [Claire] Stop! [elevator chimes] I'm thinking maybe I'll let you handle this one.
I got this.
- [grunting] - [bones crack] - [bones cracking] - [man groaning] [exhales heavily] You make it look easy.
It was easy.
- Both ways lead out.
I'll take the stairs.
- Okay.
[sighs] Sweet Christmas.
[grunts] [fire extinguisher clatters] Hey.
The whole thing was a decoy.
They took him a different way.
[both panting] [Thunderer] At the entry to every door is the opportunity to choose a different path.
If you wish to continue as you are, do not enter.
But if you choose to face the dragon inside, know that you risk everything.
Should you live Your former self will be destroyed.
[sighs] [grunts] [Thunderer] If you choose to take this up you will be forever marked As one of us.
Are you willing to kill Danny Rand so that the Iron Fist might live? [bolt clangs] Who the hell are you? [scoffs] When does the real warrior get here? These childish insults are getting tiring.
It's like you all trained on the same playground.
[chuckles] Would you like to choose a weapon? I am the weapon.
Really? Because weapons don't feel pain.
They are meant for one thing and one thing only.
To be used by their master.
[Danny gasps] Who is your master? I serve only myself.
Prepare to disappoint your master.
[grunting] [both grunting] [panting] And who do you serve? I serve the one who called me here.
Without question.
Without doubt.
With a desire to serve until death.
- [Danny grunts] - [metal clanging] [both grunting] [Danny groans] [both grunting] [Thunderer] Cast away your childish needs.
Bury your mother.
Bury your father.
You belong to me and to me alone.
- [Danny grunts] - [groans] - You must submit, can you do it? - Yes! Then tell me who you are! A child touched by fire delivered from heaven to become the greatest warrior, destined for victory.
[grunts] - [yells] - [grunts] [both grunting] [groans] [Thunderer] Guardian of the Gate Destroyer of the Hand.
[inhales deeply] Stop! Strike him down, the girl dies.
Withdraw from the duel, and she'll be spared.
That's dishonorable.
[scoffs] What do I care for honor? [Thunderer] Your purpose.
Destroy the Hand.
[groans] [breath trembling] This is my purpose.
No room for doubt.
Finish it.
Finish it now.
[gasping softly] [Thunderer] You belong to me and I command you.
[breath trembling] [grunts] [panting] I withdraw.
[sighs] [groaning] [both breathing heavily] I never believed I would meet another Iron Fist in my lifetime.
I had hoped.
But why are you in New York? Who are you? It seems you haven't come to destroy us, so I'm curious.
Answer my question.
I am Madame Gao.
Do you remember the katsura tree in the center of K'un-Lun Square? You've been to K'un-Lun.
[chuckles] Its shade stretches on for miles.
And when it blooms, it smells like brown sugar.
I dream of it every night.
So, please, why would you choose to leave heaven? My reasons are my own.
Like the girl? [takes deep breath] I am entertained by how your mind works.
Has life inside the monastery changed so much? Because you seem so different from those I remember.
They still teach honor.
- And I made a promise.
- [chuckles] Honor.
Something I thought your father, Wendell, could use more of.
What did you say? Wait a minute.
You knew my father? Tell me about my father! [groaning] [Sabina gasps] I could've won.
And I did win.
She cheated.
[stammers] What was I supposed to do? What? [Sabina breathing heavily] Was I supposed to let her die? What? What are you saying? Who were you talking to? No one.
[both breathing heavily] [doors creaking] [dramatic music playing]