Girl Talk
Lil Bitch
[Verse 1]
Don't ever doubt me
This rap shit would probably be dead without me
I know that you heard and you read about me
I bet you regret what you said about me
Lil' bitch (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Made it this far so you gotta' love it
From the gutter, yeah, the bottom of it
Environment, and I'm a product of it
Pockets flooded with a lot of hundreds
Got a lot of youngins' that'll body somethin'
And my body covered with a lotta' tatts'
Went broke and I got it back
I had to get up and get it
They told me I never hustled
Man, how is that?
We started off movin' them powder packs
He came for coke, but we giving him flower back (ha)
Just look at what I influenced
I'm teaching you game, just come be a student
They lovin' what I'm pursuing, if you don't get rich, then nothin' was proving
I keep a gun for intruders
They killed my homie, my summer was ruined
You see them numbers improving
You cannot humble the movement (nah)
Lil' bitch (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I toss grams in my off hand
Runnin' and duckin' the law vans
Now it's tour plans for my core fans
I never had no support, I was just forced to do what a boss can
I put a hit on ya hitta, pop a bottle, he'll be dead before the cork land

Lil' bitch (yeah, yeah)
I spent ten-thou' for the 'fit
I spent two-thou' for the kicks (on the what?)
I spent zero dollars on your bitch, n***a!
Lil' bitch (yeah, yeah)
That's ten-thou' on the 'fit
That's two-thou' on the kicks
And that's zero dollars on your bitch, n***a!

[Verse 2]
I got to my shows and they swarmin' it
Bad bitches at my performances (performances)
Can't get momma' a crib, what's the point of it?
They see pointers on my wrist and they point at it
I bet they listen
Look at the odds that was bet against him (bet against him)
All of this hunger and better than him, back when they wasn't givin' me recognition
I mastered rappin' and perfected pimpin'
Got a bunch of karats and my necklace drippin'
I never practiced a real religion, but whenever you see me I step in Christians' (yeah, yeah)
Andy Pettite when I pitch
Barry Bonds with the hits (lil' bitch)
You wanna' see magic happen, I go Harry Potter with the stick
Trust me you make it as far as we did
I'm telling you takin' losses can exist (can exist)
They couldn't say I forced it, they was makin' offers, then my name was callin' on the list
I waited patient on it 'til I seen them labels start debatin' on it, then I blitzed
I walked through the fire, the smoke and the mist
It's about talent, they noticed the gift
Lil' bitch!
I'm way too competitive, come for my spot that's a negative
I hopped in the drop and I fled in it
Cops on the watch 'cause they think I'm a predicate
Tinted van parked on the block (where?)
In front of the spot, yeah, I smell a fed in it (a fed)
I got a few packs, I ain't finish it
They rush up in it, I'm flushing what's left of it
Lil' bitch (yeah, yeah)
I spent ten-thou' on the 'fit
I spent two-thou' for the kicks
I spent zero dollars on your bitch, n***a!
(yeah, yeah)
(yeah, yeah)
That's ten-thou' on the...
That's two-thou' for the...
And that's zero dollars on your bitch, n***a!