Girl Talk
The Hook Up
[Intro: Dom Kennedy]
My n***a Smoke shit, huh
Check it out

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
Gather round hustlers, that's if you're still livin'
Get more groupie love than Mike Bivins
Y'all n***as gotta play your role, Taj Gibson
Shoot the whole video set like Benny Boom
Diamonds dancin' all in the light, cash rules
My chick gotta know how to rap, I'm Papoose
I mean I should just scorch you n***as, Scott Storch you n***as
How they all ready, real n***as on the come up
Huraches on my feet, brand new, I'm not a runner
Since Ross killed Baby, I'm the number one stunna
You waitin' on me to fall off, take a number
Let the strap hang off the Vandals
Sitting on my corner, it's a gamble
Them n***as only drew at Art Basel
Oh yeah

[Verse 2: Cozz]
Huh, the hustlers in a room
Rhyme so hard even a Busta would approve
Hoes ain't nothin', if I fuck 'em you could too
Look it ain't no drug bust, it ain't no cuffin' in here fool
But look, shit I must be, diseased or halfway ugly
'Cause these haters talk shit, but look, they don't ever touch me
I'm cool but familiar with the funk boy, I'm musty
From the place where everybody got the damn munchies
'Cause n***as gettin' smoked like a blunt or two
And bitches gettin' mush like the front of 'shrooms
Either dead or in jail is where that gets you
When the fear get you, don't act tough out of peer pressure
Now my face the money maker, I'ma let my peers get you
I steer letters in directions of Heaven
Hopin' God hears me clearly, and clears me of past endeavors
And prayin' that we all get in there, man, shout out my n***a DZA
[Verse 3: Smoke DZA & Dom Kennedy]
Huh, let's rule the world and get these blue notes, uh
Watch Jazz at The Blue Note, uh, you can never be too low
Outspoken, but they'll curve you if you too woke
Luke-warm, I race through it like DuPont
Bought and bought the same watch two-tone
Younger me wore my dad's jewels to school, I was too grown
They was on the Pokemon wave, Cubone
Keep going!
Let's make it clear like Blue Dot
Business started boomin' had to open up two spots
Got it covered like rooftop, n***a how you think all my crew rock?
Rhetorical, queue up the Clue drop (Clue, Clue, Clue, Clue)
Fuck it we pull up a few yachts
King of New York style

[Outro: Dom Kennedy & Smoke DZA]
Aye, West Coast, here we go, East Coast, here we go
West Coast, here we go, East Coast, here we go (Aye)
Down South, here we go, Up North, here we go
Aye for Midwest, here we go, aye, yeah, here we go now
King of New York style, huh, ha, ha, aye
Harlem World to the West Side
Yeah, aye, aye, here we go, ha
I promise I would be all you need