Girl Talk
No Problem
My boy goddamn 'Tonio finna get out
I gotta get my boy shit like that
He like big gunky guns too

You don't want no problems, got that Glock, got that .45 (Yeah)
And I got that Glock .387 between my ho's thighs (Yeah)
Glock 19 on the dashboard (Say what?)
Young n***a, 18, really asked for it
You know we don't play no games when we pull up with that gunfire
Y'all n***as playin', you know we don't let that shit slide (Nah)
Y'all know we got a task force (Task)
Country boy, called my phone, he done asked for it
From the hood, paper, drugs, so we extort
Extortin', you ain't playin', you gon' get extorted (Extorted)
Got your ho up on this line, yeah, she love to snort (Yeah, to snort)
On the court with the fork, poke you with the fork (The fork)
Hell yeah, I got this freaky ho, I spit like I'm Too $hort ($horty)
Hell nah, Slimeball don't smoke no Newports (Nah)
I'll assault you, n***a (Yeah)
You don't want no problems, n***a, I will out you, n***a (Yeah)
Yeah, don't doubt me, n***a, really 'bout it, n***a (Yeah, yeah)
I swear the bitches on a n***a
I swear the hoes on a n***a, all them ho-ass lil' n***as
All them fake-ass n***as (Yeah), all them snake-ass n***as (Yeah)
I'm the king Slimeball, king of snake-ass n***as (Yeah)
You been copyin' the rat race, ape-ass n***a
And I gotta keep a K 'cause I don't play that, n***a (Yeah)
I'm a real bad n***a, (Yeah) I'll toe-tag a n***a (Yeah)
And your mama raised a bitch, you lil' ho-ass n***a (Yeah)
And I know you ain't 'bout that shit, you lil' ho-ass n***a (Yeah)
You's a ho and I know, (Yeah) they's a ho and you know (Yeah)
Everybody some hoes, (Yeah) and I know y'all n***as hoes (Yeah)
When I catch y'all hoes, I'ma fuck y'all hoes (Yeah)
Y'all n***as just be talkin', yeah, that shit that I don't (What?)
What? Smoke, pour (Smoke, pour)
N***a, call the po-po (Po-po)
Try Slimeball, that's a N-O (N-O)
Put that money on your head, they kill your kinfolk (Kill your kinfolk)
What that lick for? (That lick for?)
What we hittin' for? (What we hittin' for?)
Heard that n***a got a brick, that's a kick door
And he can't get it back, that's a "N-O" (Slime)
Might as well pull a home invasion, n***a, we go brazy
Might as well go and spend that money, fuck on your old lady
Might as well go and spend it, chopper kill a baby (Kill a baby)
Robbed the n***a for a baby (Baby, baby)
Hahahahahahaha, y'all need to stop mothafuckin' playin' with me, man, before I go big bad on your ass, boy
Yeah, yeah
This sound like, like, like, like, like I'm finna creep in a n***a's house right now
For real, man, I'll creep into the back door, you hear how the beat sound like ooh
And that door just blow, boom
It's over with, everybody get the fuck down
Mission complete
Ayy, keep all that shit, man
Let me hear that shit