[Hook: BENZ]
I don't need no drama
I don't need no mama
I don't need no dada
Pull up with the lama
Presidential Rollie all gold like Obama
Shooting at these n***as like I was Osama
I no worry dollars
I just want 'em commas
My bitch steady flexin' like her name was Ronda
Big clips like bananas
Gang shit no bandana
I poor up that Fanta
I smoke marijuana
I smoke marijuana (x8)

[Verse: Famous Addonis]
Who the fuck you think you fuck wit'
Lil bitch, better come clean or i'm bustin'
What the fuck you think you fuck wit'
You already know I ain't playin' many games
I know couple fakes
I ain't sayin no names
I'm pressin' the action
Cause i'm doin' cocaine
Lookin' like a fool
But you lookin' like a dame