Back Up
If you a hating ass n***a, back up (back up)
If you a broke ass n***a, back up (back up)
If you a fake ass n***a, back up (back up)
If you a do' popping n***a, back up (back up)
Now all my real ass n***as, what's up (what's up)
Now all my real ass bitches, what's up (what's up)
Now all my money making n***as, what's up (what's up)
Now all my money making bitches, what's up (what's up)

[Lil' O]
Know when to move orangatang, gorilla or ape
Could ever disrespect the Rat, and take food off my plate
I'm as official as a missile, hitting you in the face
That's from Texas fuck with O, to find you in a lake
So back up lil' daddy, you don't want no problems
Cause swisha sweet boys, don't revolve 'em evolve 'em
And any gangsta situation, guns'll solve 'em
So get your mind right, before you lose your noggin
See I ain't really going, for that ducking and dodging
That pushing and rassling, that weaving and bobbing
I just throw on a mask, like I'm Batman and Robin
And let the thang loose, and watch boys start jogging
You know how I do, man y'all see me mobbing
Broad on the right side, slurping and slobbing
Haters mean mugging, like we gotta rob 'em
I mean mug 'em right back, like is it a problem

[Bun B]
Now anyway Bun B can bring it, it's bout to be brought
Any way that you can catch it, fool it's bout to be caught
There's lessons to be taught, haters to be shot
Either by .50 Cal Mag, or that 30-30 out
You bought mo' than you can pay fo', now you got's to lay low
Kick do' to your mama house, pistol to your bay' bro
You think we came to play no, absolutely not
So tell me how to find your brother house, 'fore you get shot
You gave up all the game, and still got smacked with that pistol
The streets is screaming, the gangsta is back and official
They ask him what he love the most, bet he say a hater
Getting hit up with that heat, till he shake like a vibrator
And my state'd be the first, to lead the charge
That'll forward you bullets, off in your house and garage
Cause we them boys, that put the fire to the flame
Burn it down like Baghdad say fool, charge it to the game


Here them Queen boys come, and it's one for the record
It's one life one love, that got you lame's under pressure
I'll tell you to your face, you ain't gotta ask me no questions
Talking tough will get you lames, laid out on a stretcher
I don't fuck with the law, that got my dogs on lock
So this one for T-Bird, Mano, Baby and Brah
All that I got talk, I take what ya got
Since Mississippi Burning, see we play with that fire
True I stay with that fire, from the club to them streets
Boy I stay on my grind, from them drugs to them beats
N***a stop lying, you ain't no thug boy you weak
When it come to that money, I'll wake you up out your sleep
Now all my Mississippi n***as blaze up, blaze up
Now all my Louisiana n***as boot up, boot up
Now all my T.S. n***as sick up, sick up
Now all my T.A. n***as get buck, get buck

Back up, what's up - 8x