Chill Bill Remix
Tyler rapes a lot of kids
And puts them on his dick
And he dont care
If you dont like it
He'll do it do it quick

[Verse 1]
Ty-ler on your kids
He-ll take em
And make em suck his dick
Yea he'll fake em
And get em in the van
Make em suck his ham
For the fam with the can
Cause he can fuck it man
You'll be the victom
If you got a kid he'll pick em
Im not shitting im not kiddin
He's run up on your sister and slay the pussy
No kitten
Shane what?
Tyler coming for the butt
Loaded buttstock
Shooting shots
With the cock
With a semi Glock
Pop pop
Lil bill
No chill
Witha pill
Come n kill
Spitting sometn ill
But back on track
Tyler rapes em with the cack
Till they looking black
Tiny nut sack a-tack
Screaming like the stepped on a-tack
Get it
Easy metaphor
Diss me is a letter war
But im coming for the cheddar boi
Total drama acting heather boi
Cuttin witha shredder boi
Armored up in my leather boi
Thats a minecraft
Meet me in the mineshaft
Thats where my minds at
I know i stopped talking about
Tyler raping but thats in the past
He still does
Cause he loves it
He won't stup it
For nuthing

[Verse 2]
Tyler on your your kids
On that 6ix9ine shit
Tyler rapes your kids cause can
And he'll put his dick inside
Their hand and fuck em till they
Look like a van bloplopbplop