Yung Humma

Humma: Hmm you know I bought you a lot today right?
Moonrock: That wasn't a lot
Humma: I mean I don't mind as long as we play later
Moonrock: Play, you gotta work harder than that
Humma: Chick please

[Hook: Moonrock & Yung Humma]

What you trying to do?
Sex your body
I'm not that type of girl
I'm sorry
What you mean?
You gotta work
What you mean?
You gotta work
I'm not that type of girl
I'm sorry
Take me on a date, dinner by the lake
Imma make you wait, so you know
I'm not that type of girl

[Verse 1: Moonrock]
Ever met a man with a plan?
Two tickets first class, on a flight to Japan. (No coach)
You think cause you is pretty you in need of a man?
But you not the type of chick going home with the band. (No you)
On stage throwing the bands
I want moonlit rocks in the sand
Pick me up with your mom in the van
Before you try to put moon rocks on my hand
Cause Moonrock is only seen with the finest
Please address me as your highness
Shouts to the queen can't wine and dine us
All gold grills my touch like Midas
Moony, I'm not that type of girl
I'm not that type of chick
I get it on my own
Girls like that just make me sick


Verse 2: Yung Humma]

So many chicks think cause they cute
They got the right to put a dude through crazy hoops
Doings this, doing that, spending all his loot
But then when it's time to put it in she give the man the boot
What you mean when you say that you're not that type?
She wasn't saying that when I bought her that flight
And the clothes and the gifts she asked for that night
Now I can't get close; wait that ain't right
Cause she coming at Humma like a gold digger
Hmmmmmmm she going to get done. (You think)
When she get some of his due diligence
Humma don't mind if he just want some
Now if you get mad at me because I call you a tease
You better bring that down fifteen degrees
The way you cherish your body
Is how I cherish my wallet
If I can't cash out I won't make a deposit

[Verse 3: Moonrock]

I'm sorry i'm sorry trying to play me like Atari
Want to hunt me like safari
Just cause i'm the life of the party
Too many wolves trying to holla at the moon
Always trying to cuff after one afternoon
My plate too full, no I don't have room
Trying to fork all knife when I just want to spoon
I'm fine don't front, do what I want
Think i'm impressed by the bump in your trunk
Think i'm going to shake that junk in my trunk
Think i'm going to hand you what you want
You like those type of girls
I'm not that type of chick
You go and play that game
I draft only first round picks