Yung Humma
Why I Gotta Wait??
[Flynt Flo$$y]
4 Dinner Dates, 3 Movies and 1 Picnic
And you still ain't ready, huh?

Seriously? (Flynt Flo$$y)
I know your track record baby (A TUMMISCRATCH beat)

2 weeks and she still holding out
Making up excuses why I can't knock it down
Now everybody know that shorty is a go (GO!)
But when I try to smang it shorty said no (NO!)
Talking about wait, making peoples fate
But what about Nate? He sexed the first date (Yeah!)
Then cooperate and give me that yummy
Lick you from your tater to your tot to your tummy
Girl don't love me, use me and abuse me
Treat me like a pirate and give me that booty

I'm a normal man with normal needs
So no more playin' girl, get on your knees
Do I got to plead? Well floss never beg
I know about 3 dudes that fertilized them eggs
But when it come at me, I gotta have patience
You being easy what made you famous
So why I gotta wait?
[Yung Humma]
You a freak girl, (Humming) you a freak and I know (x3)
And I know (humming) and I know
Why I gotta wait?
You a freak girl, (Humming) you a freak and I know (x3)
And I know (humming) and I know
Why I gotta wait?
[Flynt Flo$$y]: Trying ta make me hubby ([Yung Humma]: Why I gotta wait)
[Flynt Flo$$y]: Baby girl don't love me ([Yung Humma]: Why I gotta wait)
[Flynt Flo$$y]: Do I look like a dummy ([Yung Humma]: Why I gotta wait)
[Flynt Flo$$y]: Oh NOW you acting funny (HAHA)

[Flynt Flo$$y]
Heard Dan and Stan had her doing handstands
Now she want me for her man (What?)
She wants to hold my hand
I don't understand, this wasn't in my plan
All is trouble, F Floss should have ran
She call me on the phone and she want me for her own (Baby)
Little does she know that I know about Ton
She let my boy bone on the scent of his cologne
Now she try to trap me turn my house to a home?
No No Chick, who you think you dealing with?
F Floss' shits around cause I know you so thick
And your lips and your hips make a boy want to flip
But I know Joe and Jimmy ain't go through all of this

[Flynt Flo$$y] Yo Humma
[Yung Humma] Flynt Floss
[Flynt Flo$$y] I never Understood, why got to treat her bad if you want the goods
[Yung Humma] Don't know Flow Double it's getting on my nerves
Can't be a good guy man that stuff is for the birds
[Flynt Flo$$y] Tried to be nice though I know shes a go
So I show her some respect now she wants to take it slow
[Yung Humma] She holding on my hand calling me a sweet fellow
Try to get the green light but I keep getting yellow
[Flynt Flo$$y] Coming to the crib acting like he want to bop off
Then you start tripping when I try to take your top off
[Yung Humma] 2 in the morning when I cuddle in the bed
Nick name peanut butter, girl I know you always spread