Yung Humma
A Turquoise Freestyle
[Intro: Whatchyamacallit and Flynt Flossy]
Yo, this is Turquoise Jeep
Ha, we bout to freak this
Off the dome, baby
Ayo, first off we got F. Floss

[Verse 1: Flynt Flossy]
F. Floss
Get back with your wack raps and give Flynt Floss the throne
F. Floss, the one and only boss
I got a whole lotta wins and not one loss
I'm tired of wack MCs tryna be me
I'm a Mac, you're PC
I'm 80, you BC
New realm, new species
Close your eyes, can't see me
I'm the shhhh- Another word feces
All truth, no lies
My flow hotter than four McDonalds apple pies
Have your girl creeping at my crib at sunrise
Sneaking in your room before you open your еyes
No surprise that my flow this sick
I cut up this track, I need a first aid kit
Making new words likе dismalificous
I'm just so sick it may seem ridiculous
I know they say Floss just so conspicuous
But the game need Floss, so applaud
He exists
[Verse 2: Yung Humma]
It's my turn, Floss
From the top of the head to the tip of the tongue
Let's go
Yung Humma
Sorry I been waiting
But I was in the back, butt naked, roller skating
Mhm, every time I start rapping
Folks start to cheer, I can hear my grandmama clapping
She said "go ahead sweetie"
My rhymes are so healthy, you'd think I was spitting Wheaties
Mhm, my competition is zero
I'm invincible, call me Humma the hero
Yung Humma, hard break kid of the Jeep
When ladies play with me you know that they playing for keeps
By the time she gets to me she's been waiting for weeks
Authoring the game of smanging, [?]
Women anticipating like they're preparing for summer
Anxious for pizza boy to come and melt their butter
She walks in the room and I'm gonna take her under
Subwoofing in her jeans, call it beats by Humma
Your girl smiles at me, she remembers my girth
I can't help it, dawg, I've been like that since birth
There's more heat in my rhymes than the core of the earth
You think that you could measure up? You're overstepping your worth
'Cause I'm systematic, erratic, my words are like an attic
Addicted to spitting, turning protagonists fanatics
Interlovers are real-ish, changing their habits
Farmer in the fields, eating you haters, calling you cabbage
[Verse 3: Whatchyamacallit]
Yo can I try this rap thing for a second?
Let's go
Whatchya, coming at ya with a real life metaphor
Met your girl, laid her down, whatchu think I met her for?
Heartbreaks, promises, I been there, done that
Your girl, my crib, ha
[?], I got my own style
Dominoes can't deliver that
Sold out shows, fan pics, Instagram that
So what we talking for?
Your girl I did explore
Ate her up and threw her out like an apple core
So shawty what's your name?
I checked her resume
Lame dudes be trying but they're forever fake
Not tryna have my cake, and then I eat it, too
But it's a shame if I sing or spit better than you

[Outro: Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma]
Turquoise Jeep, what else you need?
We out, baby