House of Pain
Keep It Comin’
[Verse 1: Everlast]
Smokin' up an L might kill a brain cell
But I might as well, I'm on a highway to hell
Sometimes I feel doomed
Totally consumed by an eerie feeling
I hear pigs squealing
Soldiers of fortune are torchin' huts
The girls on MTV are shakin' their butts
I'm hyperventilating, I might be hallucinating
Yo I gotta chill, I'm feeling sorta ill
I'm going mad but aren't ya glad
I used Dial, I'm going out like style

[Chorus: Everlast]
Uh and ya don't quit
Yeah, keep it comin'
And ya don't stop
They say
Uh and ya don't quit

[Verse 2: Everlast]
I got complexes you can't figure out
My dad said, "He's a bum, kick the n***a out!"
My head's fucked up but I lucked up
And got a hit record, now I'm well respected
I can go places I never went before
I still dress the same, so it must be my name
I can't deal with who's real and who's not
Who treated me the same when my record wasn't hot
They said I couldn't eat too
So I put my cake down
I think I'm having a breakdown
[Instrumental & Chorus]
It's not paranoia, I got something for ya
It's made of chrome and it'll burst you dome
No joke, my gun'll
Blow a fucking tunnel
Right through your body
Free John Gotti
I'll leave with your hotty and I'll take her home
Lay her down on her back and I'll make her moan

Uh and ya don't quit
Yeah, keep me coming and ya don't stop
Soul Assassins and ya don't stop
FunkDoobie and ya don't stop
Cypress Hill and ya don't stop
House of Pain and ya don't stop
Soul Assassins and ya don't stop