House of Pain
Jump Around Remix
[Verse 1: Shotty Horroh]
"What are you doing?"
Oh, nothing just killing rappers
This lyrics packed with the fist of the hidden dragon
I'm slick, Mick Jagger
But mixed in with Ricky Hatters
My team hit spliffs that are bigger than Milonakis (whoop)
My weed's still piff I keep sniffing it in the packet
Grip it, twist it, wrap it
Then I hit it till it's damaged
I bill another quick and then I lick it then I pass it
Then I bill another spliff and then I flick it with the ashes
Your girl's at my house
Giggling and laughing ("ha ha")
I slip a milligram into my drink and switch the glasses
Devil ciphers and my lyrics are in Latin
I give 'em a hidden track and then tell 'em to spin it backwards
In a car park with a sedative and a napkin
Smothering your woman and then I slip into action
I jump into a hummer and blend it in with the traffic
Then I put it in a crusher and let 'em lift it and scrap it (let's go)
It's no game, there ain't a glitch in the graphics (nope)
Keep fucking with me I'll lay you stiff as a cabbage
You'll be feeling like you trained for a day at Mr. Miyagi's (Ooh)
You'll be feeling like I caved in your face, spittin' with Adam
I am ape, Silverback and I came with guerrilla tactics
My mates bring a strap that came with little attachments (*ping*)
They make your face seem like paint spillin' and splashin'
You can get the whole brigade that you came with missin' in action
My name's Shotty Horroh I stay giving 'em classics
Classic CD's and the same shit with the clashes
Man are sea deep but you stay fishing for haddock
But see I've got to eat, put some bait in for crack
And the game missed 'em and passed 'em
They didn't adapt it
Now they blame Illuminati
Shapeshifters and magic
Fake pictures of masses
Strange ritual dances
Spaceships that had landed
To make pyramids rapid
No (No)
You are just a dreamer (dreamer)
Your songs suck, fans don't bust them neither
I come with ether beef
I'll cook and eat ya
(What?) Look, bring judges to a stuffed arena
I'm fucked!
I wouldn't trust me either (nah)
I sit in every house and leave butchers cleavered
And release pics weeded up with Justin Bieber
Just to see if these freaks' cuts are deeper
I'm a rockstar bitch (bitch)
I puff my reefer
Drunk in clubs, I leave then I fuck a diva
With this big old dick, every sluts a screamer
Like, Hulk on V 's fuck Thumbelina (dicks)
I'm from the school of hard knocks
I punched the teacher
Stole the bully's lunch then I fuckin' jumped the leader
I'm Shotts. It absolutely sucks to meet ya
I'd rather die than let your music touch my speakers
See I did a hundred million , just to feature
I'd need to touch cheese like the crust of Pizzas
See I'm tryna stack my money up a hundred meters
If you're tryna stack your money up then come to meet us
(I'm English) I come with a bunch of geezers
I like cups of tea
And busting heat
As they shoot, leave nothing
But crusty sneakers
Old busty FILA's
Smoked up and reakin'
Body on the wall
Blood stuck to ceiling
Police must've thought that the ketchup was leaking (erm)
When the blood dripped down and they checked up to see it
I'm crazy, I don't need checkups to see it
(Mosh team) X 21
Black Josh
Bet that you heads know the rest ayy
Big up Uno and Unan
And if you know, bigup you man ayy