House of Pain
Irish Pride
High on a hilltop near your home, there stands a dilapidated old mansion
Some say the place is haunted, but you don't believe in such myths
One dark and stormy night, a light appears in the top most window in the tower of the old house
You decide to investigate and you never return

[Verse 1: Everlast]
Well, it's the kid who brought the pride of the Irish back
I'm spreadin' phat rhymes like if I was black
You caught a beatin' cause you played the punk role
Mom and Pop watch ya gonna shift from the soul
So I'm gonna take you out
Just like a first date
Watch me violate
Watch me demonstrate
The mad battle skills
To get the bills paid
I'm true to the trade
My blues are worth the pay
But I grab the guitar
Started up pickin' and strummin'
Then I started whistlin' and hummin'
Next came the bass line followed by the drum kick
My name's Everlast honey cause I don't come quick
I last longer than the Coppertop battery
You lack skills kid please drop the flattery
Get off my dilsnick, I spit the bills quick
Rollin' like pecker, you wanna play that though
So don't fuck around and bring your ho
I'll hit that bitch like I was Ridick Bowe
I got my sheleighy, I got my gun
I'm putting heads out daily and I never run
Everlast is comin', the funk drummers drummin'
Danny Boy's comin' with the Irish style

[Verse 2: Danny Boy]
You better run, hide, Slip'n Slide
But don't fuck around with that Irish pride
The last one died talkin' all that crap
Yo, he couldn't adapt
I pulled him straight off the map
That's how I'm doin' it because y'all be knewin' it
The only needle my arm was tattooin' it
I roll to the show on my iron horse
Take a hoe and let nature take its cause
So fuck The Source cause I don't read it
It's a fashion mag and hip-hop don't need it
And if you're believin' everything you read
Then that bullshit rags fuckin' with your head


[Verse 3: Everlast]
Just like Pearl Jam you know my flows even
I'm scary like King but yo, my name ain't Stephen
Broaden the appeal, I rock fly apparel
I got a bow and arrow, I'll take your bone marrow
Make a knife handle, skin you like tatanka
Then run you down like my name was Larry Csonka
Who used to be a Dolphin down in Miami
Play me too close and I'm pullin' out my jammy
You know I get funky like the Groovy Ghoulies
Why you steppin' to me, tryin' to make some movies
Pass me my scissors, I'm gonna cut the edit
Borrow off my style kid, but you got no credit
I said it, I meant it, I meant what I said
Steppin' up talkin' shit and I'll bite off that head
I got no dreads but I puff boom
Because it lights up my life like Debbie Boone