House of Pain
Yoga Flame
Enemy of the State
I call this one "Yoga Flame"
Yoga flame!

Meditate, on the floor, fold your legs, resonate
Breathing speed, regulate, clear my mind 'til it levitate
Dhalsim, I beat the game, level eight, hella good
Never great 'cause God is great, so, ain’t no goats, ain’t no gates
Fences see the rams ram, lambs let, sheep’s skate
Brace yourself, teeth straight—fix your face, for Pete’s sake
Birthday wordplay, piece of cake, fold the flow with seats for eight
Ororo Munroe, make it rain, not with bills, I make it change
Take that cool shit, make it lame, take that nerd shit, make it bang
Yeah, you heard us—make it bang
Yeah, you heard me: Make it bang
Melt the change and make a ring, take that ring and make a bracelet
Take that bracelet make a chain, look how far my necklace hang
Connect that chain up to a crane, pull the game up by the brains
Could not move it just with brains, so, I had to use some bling
Shouts to Drizzy, shout to Wayne, Yeezy, Jeezy, Ricky, Fifty
Raekwon, Loso, Gucci Mane—I’m not going to drop my name
Sneak that message to the masses: You can call me "Chocolate Rain"
You might think my wallet drained—look how far my pockets hang
That’s cause I got pocket change—my net worth is basketball
They net worth is soccer games—tell them n***as, "Stop it man"
But they cannot stop it, man, so, they forced to watch it drain
They be looking so blue like water when I wash my jeans
King without the whoppers and king without no Pablo and
King and I ain’t got no dreams
Bruce Lee, dishwasher, cleaning out your pots and pans
These n***as ain’t got no staying power
Once I hit them with the powder, then throw 'em in the shower
These n***as slower than some dial-up
I be on my broadband, these n***as still downloading
Lu finished, you still up on YouSendIt, uShare
ZShare, how long you going to be there? Damn for you, fam
Information superhighway—these n***as ain’t got no lane
But you can ride my shoulder, like they pulled you over
I sit in the driver’s seat; you sit on the sofa
I am Patrick Swayze; you are Whoopi Goldberg
'Cause he was a beast in the way that he controlled her
Rest in peace to Patrick; rest in peace to Stacks, kid
Rest in peace to rap—no, rest in peace to wackness
Yeah, n***a, I whacked it
Baby boy with the glasses
He is like a Black, rap Zach Galifianakis
Hangover, game over, n***a, that’s it!
(Yoga flame!)
Enemy of the State