The Procussions
Fight Here

[Mr. J. Medeiros]
Now if you hear this on your radio show
Well you should know that we fearless and never playing a role
Soul interfering with those whose appearance is rolling dope in your mirrors
Is blowing smoke in your ears is there any hope for the years
Of we golden age stowaways who would have thought that the olden days
Be bought by the dear Varuca Salt with a golden egg
We throw away our principles and print the bull as propaganda
I’m a block the camera with rhymes that stop the hand that drops the hammer
Time to spark the anvil and twist the steel of mans will
When the gifted feel their plans will steady lift what’s real from shambles
We gambling like mobs to mandolins who rob the hands of men
A candle in the corridor who lights the way for man to win

[The Procussions]
Wake em up, wake em up
Get em moving, get em moving
Make it work, make it work
We better do it, better do it
Right now, right now
Right here, right here
Fight now, fight now
Fight fear, fight fear