The Procussions
Vader March
[Mr. J. Medeiros]
I pray to remain relevant refraining from vain intelligence
I’m but an element of evidence barring the same resemblance
As you do got your attention like youhoo
The hints the divine fingerprints are seen through you
I’m animated a man painted in nature
Mandated by the hands of the creator
To state the fact I’ve been given back to the source
Life forcing my Mic chord to change course
And speak of that awesome power from Boston
To the Eiffel Tower every hour that’s lost
Is a moment in time for evoking a mind
Blood soaking in wine bread broken hoping to find
Somebody wana open the blinds within your heart
Given a start to finish see my life is my ministry
Weather I’m in the industry or independent
I gotta stay dependent and being in Gods presence
In an attempt to write a sentence larger then words
Hitting harder then verbs convicted like martyrs observe
The Living Water which the Father reserved
And served through His Servant a thirst certain to conquer the serpent
Stirred in the current till the curtains were drawn
I’m certain its dawn been working since I heard the alarm
Transformed by the pierce of the arms Who came back
If you’re itching for the truth brother here’s the scratch

Something has got to give
We ain't afraid to die
No were just afraid to live
Something I got to feel
We’re numb to love
All we know is this pain we feel
Something has got to break
Inside of me it’s gotta be the ties we make
The lies we create to feel less lonely
Somebody please hold me