[Verse - Mr. Singh]
There she goes again / a perfect ten / from beginning to end
Surrounded by men and she never pretends
She gets fit in the gym / sporting all that gold
And he don't even know that she's cheating on him
Housey wife turned Sista Bling / now she's out with Mr. Singh
Sting so bad it is blistering and the ex-boyfriend can kiss the ring
When he talks about love she's dissing him when I speak about love she's listening
High heel boots / what a flashy thing in a birthday suite since christening

[Hook x 2]
Here we go again / just one more rounds with my friends
And I hope it never ends because today is my time to play

[Verse 2 - Paleface]
You know what they say / every dog has his day
Some bark / some bite but still they might get caught in the game
Left in the rain / jumpin' up and down they wanting to play
And heads keep talking and talking / but they got nothing to say
[Paleface] Particular people are critical, bickering
[Redrama] That we too mainstream
[Paleface] They really political, silly and pitiful
[Mr. Singh] Meaning you and me
[Paleface] The cynical side is clinically typical
[Redrama] For all the humanbeings
[Paleface] Is he really a criminal? Killing a lyrical?
I'm feeling the ridicule reaching a pinnacle

[Verse 3 - Promoe]
Well you know what they say / every dog has his day
Some want the bone / some chase the cars / i’m leaving more than a stain
Let me get it all / won't settle for the so-called luxuries in life
That's such a cheesy lie / i’m callin' the bluff / doin' it for more than the fame c'mon
Gimme freedom of speech / gimme equal rights
Gimme clean air to breathe in the peaceful night
Gimme whatever it takes to break our chains and make us see the light
Gimme just a lil' bass and a bit of space to let me speak my mind
Won't you please just let me play

[Verse 4 - Redrama]
Give me space enough for me to breathe, enough for me to be, enough for me to play
I don't ask for much, so just pass the blunt, coffee half a cup, I'm okay
I feel fabulous though I don't have a buck / It's hazardous trying to rhyme after us
Check mate, ain't no matching us / they lack the nuts / And here's where the laughter stops
It goes "oh, no, look at them go / Mr Singh, Lil Red, Daddy Pales, Promoe
See the logo bro? my dogs is some stone cold flow pros / acting local, thinking global
Get a load off and let me play / See my bros won't ever separate