(Verse 1: Mantra)
They sit in a boardroom, forecast perpetual growth
A taskforce more ferocious than the rest of us know
We hear laughter stretch from here to the hereafter
Concocting new ways to profit from disaster
Cash for catastrophe, collateral damage
The ofiicial terminology for civilian casualties
Shit is fun to ignore living in apathy
Give a little as long as we receive a little back it seems
It's little wonder we at wits end
Bound by pretension at the mercy of the system
Economic hitmen, working for their fam while they poisoning the children
Hoping it won’t kill them
Disillusion never saw such grand a scale
Delusion was a diva put centre stage
Publication got it right to the last detail
Lies leap off the page till its all grey

We put the planet on self-destruct
Now there‘s only myself to trust
I say fuck it bring the ice age on
Cos it couldn’t be any worse once the humans are gone
Perhaps in fact the world'll be better off
When the malice and the madness stop and that darkness drops
We put the planet on a desolate road
(and it goes, and it goes, and it goes, and it goes)
(Verse 2: Mantra)
Every human living once wondered what they here for
What the blood, what the sweat, what the tears for
Now we listen for the shot we got an ear for, Standing dead in front of another hundred years war
See how the frightened and the meek walk
Fearing the one inevitability we truly know is in store
See how the money of the rich talk
Assigning a price to a man’s life based on where the kid is born
Shit is fun to ignore when it is easier
Plus we controlling the media
Watchin from a safe house stand point we don‘t feel shit.,
But it's real close to home and this is some real shit
(Feel this!) Better pretend the predator‘s vendetta
Depends on whether you getting the cheddar since it never ends
When you go and make best friends with the latest trends
Wash the blood from the money that you make and spend


(Verse 3: Promoe)
We’re heading for self-destruction on a high-speed vessel
Taking turns on mother earth like a tag team wrestle
The World Bank embezzles
Your country’s being written off as a bad investment
With no regard for the people
Considered expendable some heart’s so deceitful
Laughing at our own destruction
Till it ain’t fun no more we can’t ignore the repercussions
Cos we all dead when we poison the waters
Paradise lost can’t be stopped at the borders
And now we drowning in the pacific vortex
Modern day Atlantis the whole world's the Maldives
And the only thing that helps me to carry out
In this fucked up situation
Is cos I know when humanity’s gone
Life'll still be fine life will go on