The Family
Blessed Since 91' Intro

And they say don't fake it til' you make it
Back when I was young Mama told me if I had a dream
"Boy you betta chase it"
Nowhere near the finish line but thinking of the faces
With my fans from the start & some haters
Saying "Fam you made it"!!
Thanks but no thanks cause homie
I ain't really make shit, not til everyday my family
Feel like they on vacation. Never took a hand out but look at
Downloads as donations !

Look at how they look at me..
Oooh I think they feeling me, maybe just a little bit
Reminds me of Lykke Li
Did that go over ya head ? Go Figure !
Tell my girls neva compare me to these old n***as!
So Write it down, do whatever but never forget it!
She ain't gotta say a word, cuz I know that she wit it !

Shawty on my right,we in the left lane..
She goin down south .. don't swirv mane !

Ooooh I'm gettin illa as the time goes
Thinkin of ways to make it as she grinds slow
Can't wait to put ice up in my brother's wrist
Then sit back & laugh like awwww man
Where the time go
These days everybody think they know it all
"Oh that n***a rap now? "
Check my verses , Killed em all

They miss me when they see me but I think i missed that missed call
Say I look like Yeezy but they need to get off my *Bleep*
Yea I said it, Yea I said it!
Never say some shit If you gonna turn around & regret it

Focused on whats next..
Old jawns forget it..
So add a couple dollars..
Minus a lil stress
Hoes gon be hoes..
So multiply the sex..

My n***as say that I'm crazy , What I'm gon do next
What I'm gon do next

People tell me that I'm lucky , I tell em I'm BLESSED

"One more Time"

People tell me that I'm lucky, I tell em I'm BLESSED

*Beat Fades
Ride Wit me x5
Pennsylvania Hospital , November 8th around 2pm
Weighing at 7 lbs & 11 ounces
A young king was born
Ever since that day I've been "Blessed Since 91"