Mega Ran
Space Defense Team
(song plays)


Verse 1- Mega Ran
The situation is snafu'd an alien race done kidnapped my rap crew
To get em back, I got permission to do what I have to
The year is 2300, i hunt Kaiju who don't wanna be hunted
Stick long swords in the stomach
I'm a robeast, roll deep on yo street at a slow creep
And throw heat at Those who oppose me
The intergalactic champ- brandishing weapons
Through a narrow spectrum
All of my recon is dead I reckon-
We all in, I was crestfallen by what happened
In New New Orleans - a foreign alien ordinance is coming for it
Ayo they say they gone drop the bomb
Looks like a job for Mega Ran and Dr. Octagon

(Kool Keith)

Doctor reppin' choose any weapon
Catch a space chick pregnant
My Nassau flight
Aerodynamic adventure
Ultraman spectacular, giant aliens
Destroying monsters like lobsters
Colossal region, I'm on the ship on the weekend
Asteroid glide..
She show her cleavage
I scoop her in the galaxy maneuvers
I'm Jackie I'm Stewart
Rolling through the black hole affluent...
With influence
Woke up from cryo-sleep in a sommnambulator
Exposed to gamma rays, may grow antlers later
Horny in space, business as usual
Used to play Last Starfighter at my cubicle
Before getting assigned to my team at 19
Now the finest machines are intertwined with my genes
I combine my mind to read alien thought patterns
Which comes in handy, if you don't want your spot splattered
But I'd rather star travel the heavenly cluster
With space cougars like Beverly Crusher
So, if the other crew start asking where are they?
Tell them the Captain's Log had a Stardate

Alien Raiders done knocked the fence down
Guess we're last line of defense now
Scanners is tweaking guess it's intense now
Tell em to give it up, or get it down
Get it down
Get it down
Get it down
Tell em to give it up or get it down
Get it down
Get it down
Tell em to give it up or get it down
Verse 2
Wordburg in my vertitech mech I catch wreck
Transform into a star-jet and trek into heck
Commanding Skull Squardron dodging cheapshots
From Alien Legions – Zentraedi to Ewoks
Ones with 2 heads like Zaphod Beeblebrox
Speaking in Beatbox and lookin like people’s socks
Then In my 3 O’clock I see a heat seeker
My man Mega Ran cranking beats from the speaker


I'm for operation without hesitation
My microchip planted in your chick
Leaning in my aircraft kinda sick
My wicked ebonics destroy
My adversaries atomic
I'm blasting off land and objects
You see the fiber optics
My aim drop the blob monsters, kid
The radar got you comatose
Real big, the ufos and frozen wigs
My visionary laser, I'm an astronaut major

All star blazer, Darth Vader
Promising a swift erasure to invaders
Walk the line, keep it hotter than lightsabers
A punch in a mouth, that's what I call an icebreaker
Asteroid field shifting with misfits
Scooping alien chicks with my xeno-linguistics
Hirosihi Amano wit the physics, I literally kick ballistics
That soften your bones like rickets
My rockets are laser accurate
An aggregate of anything less is absolutely inadequate
Ultraman got the gun pad, my buster is charged
Sending savages like hundreds of yards
My bars, so hard, that they give me a sore throat
Mastered this, I'mma probably need a green sports coat
Beta capsule, escape pod ready
To turn enemies to confetti- you better aim steady