Mega Ran
No Grudge
Verse 1 (DN3):
Step back to take a sec to think how cats was jerked
1-12-76 Mel fell to the earth
Now you know you need to cease with them corny rap shows
Boy my appetite equivalent to space blackhole[?]
And uh you’ll get handled in an orderly fashion
Defecating on your chain that you’re probably flashing
And uh think I’m playing the game? I’m not grinning
That’s like R Kelly having a thing for older women
That’s like Suge Knight when he dressing in drag
With Mos Def and Dead Prez rock Confederate flags
And the radiation stabs so bad ya did the math
When me and O collab we rip the phone books in half
And y’all run for cover when we dig in the stash
Ya little crabs probably mad ‘cause y'all stuck in the past
So if you wanna take a stab exercising the [?]
You gotta get past the random [?]
Dr. Nina help ‘em out ‘cause these cats can’t get it
Like Philly win the championships please forget[?] it
Yeah I said it

Verse 2 (Random, aka Mega Ran):
In the beginning rappers were after respect
And not after a check never blasting a tech
But now the game done flipped to chains and whips
What part of the game is this? It’s getting dangerous
Yeah the rounded partake in my thesis
Props to Nina the High Priestess
Break emcees in fine pieces
When delivering synonyms get it in
So cold got ‘em shivering law-breaking citizens
It’s rhyme time rap-Einstein
Typewrote the fine line between commercial rap guidelines
‘cause blackout had the clubs poppin’
Guess I’m a hypocrite ‘cause I ain’t club hoppin’
You suckers for love, sweep rap critics under the rug
Interviews with your fam prove you wasn’t a thug
I’m just raw lyrical prowess I’ve been about it
And if you doubt it I diss you and write a song about it
I’m sicker than SARS when spittin’ these bars
From n*ggas to gods get rid of these frauds wherever they are
Verse 3 (O’hene):
Yeah, I put a spell on you like Nina did
And exceed the grid of what a technical genius is
O will spit plasma, go and get Casper
You actor my mantra Sanskrit and Tantra
Tarantula sicker than intestinal cancer
The anthropological answer with a sampler
I can cock syllables like a Bach interval
Piping hot spit at you like a Pac interview
I’m sick, no, I’m damn near dying
But can’t hear Zion so I stand here writing
With the courage of a lion
Discourage what you buying now you check for us
What you ain’t to a plank you a speck of dust
Verbal tech’ll bust crush replicas
Catch a buzz from the tongue smoke left from us
RAHM Records cuzz, home to roots like Geffen was
Reverse record dubs like dyslexic clubs
You should be hired to be fired
Rehired and refired until you’re retired
Go retire somebody’s Bentley
‘cause in a century you’ll never be an emcee