Mega Ran
Church, Pt. 2
Verse 1:

Heavy, set, ghost
Shout out to Styles P, you can find me
Rippin' M-I-Cs since '9-3
Women black like the M-I-B
Don't mind me
MC's you ain't in my league
You gotta be at another caliber to be considered a challenger
Post up while most ducks mimic and parrot ya
Combos of lines when they hit they embarrass ya
And you gon' really make me slip and get out of character
Back in the day I was shy and embarrassed
Now when I write in a tablet
It's got me flyin' to Paris
And that's - WHOA!
Rockin' the flyest of fabrics
Until I lie in a casket and remember I am a classic
Let's go!
Mega's takin' your breath away
Soon as you pressin' play
You'll be in ecastasy, so
Imma spit those bars
I'll lay these beats so hard
They'll remind you of Freshman day

I used to want a double X-L, now I'm a three-X
Used to call me idiot, now they call me a genius
I ain't with the B.S. you see it and you believe it
And your arms to short to box you like a T-Rex
Fat boy with the retro tees
Got the whole crowd spazzin' like they just O.D.'d
Rep your team
Just recognize that we runnin' it
I'm providin' the punishment
You deny but you lovin' it

Presidential steez on my Jack Tunney
They see me on the move so they act funny
Float plans, tryin'a get up on my grown man
Who else in the state fund to honeymoon with rap money?
Yeah, spit game, rip lanes, dudes are confused like Bloods at a Knicks game
Shoot the lights out, Imma book a flight now
Just to bump YG in front of the White House
I never said I'm the greatest, I never said that I made it, I said I'm only a player
That came here to make a statement, I don't care where I'm rated
Come direct with the pavement, I bring it to you like a waiter
Come on
Dion? Beyond - you a peon
You ain't a rapper
Finally something we agree
Undefeated rap elitist
Don't mention me with anyone in Phoenix unless you put greater than between it

[Mega Ran and SisQo]
If you scared go to church
(I solemnly swear that I've been a problem homie)
And if you dare spit that verse
(You read it I eat it and I delete it homie)
If you scared go to church
(Mega Ran, Kadesh Flow, the best flow, you know)
And if you dare, spit that verse
(You prob'ly should get committed and maybe consider quittin')

Verse 2:
Hey yo I can't let it go
How you define peace in these wild streets?
This a hip-hop feast
Since '9-3
That was raised from a bootcamp clique
In my beat
Should write a book on all that I've seen
Like crime scenes, gettin' out a Dodge with a challenger
Consoles, take my bros, playin' the character
Freeze tags to Deepaks stuck in the cameras
But ain't no motion picture, ain't no turnin' the channel bro
Back in the days he was shy and embarrassed
He used to write in his tablet 'bout a life in the Hamptons
And that's whoa
And now he lied to his parents 'bout the kind in his class on a block with the ratches
Let's go
So far from his destiny, hopin' he gets away, know he got debts to pay
He only run from the law
Takin' the gun in his jaws
And yet he never forgets to pray

It was all in the service of VBS
Aced every test he even studied at recess
Stickin' to procedures he never would have believed it
Boy G's got the block hotter than July in Phoenix
First it was Nickelback to cop shoes
Now it's a different path than rock jewels
Mom prayin', she give 'em back, she got to
Post him how to lure (????)
Find him poor before the cops do

Chorus 2:
[Mega Ran and SisQo]
If you scared go to church
(It might be a building it might be a feeling, you know?)
Say don't be scared, it's a verse
(It might be a song for righting your wrongs, yeah)
If you scared go to church
(Listen clear and cast off fears, yeah)
And don't be scared, it's a verse
('Cause you never too free to get down on your knees, yeah)