Mega Ran
Hero Muzik
[Chorus 2X: Random] + (Ilyas)
Keep your team strong, need someone to lean on
This is not a gimmick (we live it) now dream on
Get the game tight (then I put my team on)
Get behind us in sync (cause every hero needs a theme song)

Damsel in distress~! Faulty equipment
If you got a problem, we the one to fix it
Screen won't work, can't get on my level
If you got a problem, we can get it settled

Yo, my, experience level rivals that of the devil
In Liberty City they get scared when I ride through the ghetto
A rebel, without a cause, but I get applause
Loved by Coffee, so I guess I get the drawers
When it come to law, I'm the martial
So don't question my Tekken, too many weapons in my arsenal
Tear apart you lamebrains like my name was Samus
Y'all suck like Metroid you bastards
I mastered this video talk
Outline you in video chalk
Then put it on my video blog, I'm Kratos, the video God
But you, you're a video frog
On Frogger, hope you can dodge
The I yell TRUCK when I ride through, no one can hide you
So when the time comes, let the light guide you
To the end of tunnel, so you can't decide to
Continue, I came to end you
Bring silence to your healing and friends too
So next time you wanna try to play me
Remember God mode trumps cheat codes lazy!
I came to end you
Bring silence to your heal and your friends too
So next time you wanna try to play me
Remember God Mode trumps cheat codes lazy!

[Ilyas - repeat 2X]
Screen loads slow, feel like you 'bout to relapse
Hit points low, can't handle the next attack
Hit the cheat code, me and Ran on the case
Throw yo' hands up, every hand in the place

I'm, nimble as the fingers of Magus
I'm the king of the fiendish, and it ain't for the squeamish
So believe I'm a genius and that ain't cocky talk
Or poppycock, trust me it gets bloody like a South Philly hockey brawl
And I know y'all ain't use to this
But the foolishness got me flippin like an acrobat
These cats is whack, such a crappy rap style
Somewhere play hackeysack
Y'all know the rules, L.A., P.A. 'jects, New Jeruz
Brooklynati and back, you're still out pursuin clues
Mega Ran, K-Murdock and Ilyas
Killer squads, human features but we really gods
Lowercase, I blow the place and hold the ace
Gambit, Ran rip leave the coldest case
Unsolved, en garde, I rule Hyrule
I'm Gannon, bring your cannon, now it's my rules
Save the game like battery backin
And cats be actin like fact ain't in fashion
I'm +What's Happenin'+, y'all +Reruns+
With more bit flows and concepts than all redone
Rehash I speed past a rad racer
Outrun you monks, a Game Genie
They can't see me, like Cena's catchphrase
I'ma break it down and make change - let's play!