Mega Ran
Player Two
[Chorus One - repeat 2X]
Sometimes I need someone to hold me (hold me) down
Cause you know a player gets lonely (lonely)
Now Skype me if you able to
You can be a player two/too

Yo, if we can't have trust then you can't hang with us
Cause this game's so difficult it makes me wanna cuss
I feel like I'm gettin ridiculed by scores of enemies
Who literally respawn every second, you kiddin me?
I'm riddlin these cats with shots and it ain't fazin 'em
Or makin 'em retreat, man they think I'm tryin to play with 'em
I made it this far on my own, but now I hit a wall
Heard it ain;t no fun, unless the homies get involved
Gettin all frustrated, I hate it, I'm jaded
I wanna take it out, power off, never again play it
I'm faded, shoulda been in bed hours ago
I called you, I tweeted you, where were you when I needed you?

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two - repeat 2X]
They got me cornered I'm a goner, if you're gonna get get a quarter
Then I think you oughta become a supporter and
Join me if you able to, you can be a player two
When it gets so hot, thank God for co-op
Aliens, armed troopers to robots, I know not
What I would do without y'all doctors makin housecalls
Runnin outta ammunition, I'm hit, I'm a sittin duck
Listen up, to my transmission, come and pick 'em up
This is what a player do, promise I'ma stay wit'chu
Wolverine and Sabretooth, brothers in arms
Recover the bomb, son we got to weather the storm, ha
My Hammer of Dawn, calamity gone {*BOOM*}
How can it go wrong? My family strong
Got infinite continues, I'm wit'chu until we end it
Revenge is so splendid, show 'em we nuttin to contend with
You with it? I'm with it, then let's win it exquisite
Ain't leavin the spot, 'til every achievement's unlocked
Got the villains fleein in flocks, bringin heat to the block boy
Up up, down down, to A-B, B-A
Been wit'cha from the beginnin eve-ry step of THE way
Killer with no delay, call me make it a three-way

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

A table for one is no fun (no fun)
No fun (no fun)
A table for one is no fun (no fun)
No fun (no fun)