Mega Ran
Priceless (Doc Tanaka Remix)
"Neo... SONIC, SONIC..."

It's priceless, it's priceless, uhh
Been through about all the ups and downs
That a indie cat can go through
But nevertheless
I'm thankful, I gotta say that I'm blessed
Yeah, uhh

The first time I ever flew, I remember feelin sickly
A little prop plane from State College to Philly
Now sweat beads formin, then they start pourin
Aww great turbulence and now it starts stormin
Now I'm a vet, goin city to city
To rock clubs that waited hours to hear me get busy
That's when it hit me; yo, this the life I done dreamed of
Shouldn't even matter man, it's supposed to seem rough
Yeah this is why I stay up all night writin
When they told me no I kept goin, kept fightin
Kept spittin, kept hittin blogs off with new joints
Sharpened the skill 'to a round, had to prove points
Gave me that effortless, how did we get to this
I point the mic at the crowd, they know my sentences
Every day a new town, new crown
I thank you so much for lettin me get down
It's priceless
The first time I ever rocked out of town I was skeptical
Summertime, Chester P-A, a rap festival
With six people in attendance, what a spectacle
And we gon' never again mention the Chester show
But it was special though, cause I needed humbling
Thought everybody heard of Ran, now I'm wondering
Where they all at? But I ain't stress long
They must be runnin late, got the address wrong
But then it's time to rock, and I look off the stage
The three crackheads that's like triple my age
And we got a choice - see we can drop the mics
Or we can still be professional and rock it right
Needless to say, they started up the track
And we spit those raps like the streets was packed
This a regular occurence, ain't nobody above it
Some do it cause they mic it, I do it cause I love it
And it's priceless... priceless... priceless...

Aiyyo I gotta thank the fans for comin out to the shows
Appreciatin the flow and lettin somebody know
Even the critics and the hip-hop sites
Whether it's good or bad press, they spelled my name right
So it's all love, gotta thank you for believin me
Or coppin a CD from me, even gettin illegally
Big said you nobody 'til somebody kills you
But havin somebody you admire say that they feel you
Is priceless...