Mega Ran
Last thing I remember is plottin our escape
I was runnin with a gang, wreakin havoc state to state
Called AVALANCHE, we were some revolutionaries
Usin every trick in the book, to bring the truth
And nearly got killed on my last mission up in Midgar
Set off an explosion, ran but didn't get far
So I'm guessin the reactor blew
The blast knocked me unconscious and deattached our crew
I awakened on a flower bed up in the slums
On the floor of a church, all covered in grunge
Thankful to be alive, in need of a shower and not a medic
I get up sore and lightheaded
It was there that I met her, and her name was Aerith
Body wasn't the greatest, skin wasn't the fairest
Not someone I'd normally be interested in gettin with
But somethin 'bout her aura just told me she was different

So I, dusted myself off and said hello
Apologized for the inconvenience and tried to go
But one thing about Aerith, she was a straight shooter
Didn't wait to see if she had somethin to say to ya
So immediately pleasantries were cancelled
When she asked who would pay for the flowers that I trampled
I laughed, and said that I would replace them
Just did a job that I'm waitin to get paid from
See I'm a soldier, fightin for freedom
Providin my services to anyone who need 'em
So she came with a plan, suggested I protect her
Cause there's some bad folks out there tryin to get her
And before I could ask why, troopers just passed by
Kicked in the church door, wood and glass fly
Should I help her? My conscience said you gotta dog
So I went from a soldier to a bodyguard
So in our travels in the ensuing chapters
Everywhere we went, somebody was tryin to capture her
So why disaster? What was the deal? Yo what's the appeal?
As usual she's nothin but real
She was the, last descendant of an ancient race
Who may or may not hold the connection to a sacred place
Called The Promised Land, so this caused a lot of problems man
Everybody wanted it, so they all devised a plan
And if that wasn't enough, here comes Sephiroth
The meanest, baddest, biggest boss of 'em all
She'd go to the church and pray for the solution
But Sephiroth appears, showin no fear
And with one sword stroke, Aerith was killed
I, wish I was like her and said what I feel
I don't know what it was but there was somethin 'bout her aura
Cause I haven't felt it since her and never felt it before her...