Mega Ran
Cloud Strife
So you wanna know my story huh?

They all up on they high horse like equestrians
A lifetime ago we used to be the best of friends
But things change, now I'm feelin stressed again
I got my sword leveled up, let the quest begin

I was born in the sewage of the slums
In war time sought peace, no one ever knew if it would come
We were war buddies, workin on the same team
With the same goal, but with slightly different means
When he hit the scene, he commanded respect
He needed somethin done then every hand hit the deck
Took the first shot, then nobody fired back
He took no crap, I admit I admired that
Cause dude was a legend, his story spun far and wide
And it scarred my pride down to my little heart inside
I took every mission I could accept
To make my mark, cause I wanted the power and respect
That he had, but alas, I was just a plebian
Then the war ended before I could get to leave again
Then I heard he found some documents
About his true origin and then he got convinced
That he was not of this earth, bred to be a soldier
The spawn of an alien life form, Jenova
Infused with the cells while still in the womb
Heard the news and he was hellbent on sealin the doom
Of anybody who participated
Burned the whole town down killed millions and everything was dissipated
I gave chase, and the saga begun
He released Jenova then they both united as one
[Hook] - repeat 2X

So Tifa tells me she can reconstruct the pieces of my past
Fill in the gaps cause I'm sick of wearin a mask
The framerate's mad spotty like a PS1
The story kinda cloudy almost like my namesake
But wait - it turns out that what was in my mind
Was a memory, a dream, that wasn't even mine?
This can't be, I close my eyes it looks so clear to me
Apparently nothin is the way it appears to be
So in fact I was kidnapped by Shinra
Beat down and tortured so I couldn't remember
But now I'm hot like a scalding pot, all of us were enhanced
Mako showers and Jenova cell implants
Crazy part is that the cells duplicate
Information, so what was in my head was a mistake
The man that I see in my flashbacks in fact isn't me
That would be my best friend Zack
My confidant who died in battle
Asked me to live for him, and yeah I must've agreed to
So I've lived a double life for the past five years
And told lies to people who believed you
But I was manipulated by Seph'
Gotta find him and kill him and I'll do it myself
If I have to - then I meet a group of survivors
What they lack in skill, they make up for in desire
Now we on a quest to unlock the mystery
We mount up, and the rest is history
[Hook] - repeat 2X