Mega Ran
Cry of the Planet
You can hear the cries of the planet
Even scientists can't understand it
We all at a disadvantage, impossible to manage
So-called-experts is callin' it a "hoax"
Now it's time for the networks to take a new approach
Greenhouse gases, natural disasters
Unexplained phenomena, time to wake up outta the
Mindstate, that we can't change things
The world is changing
How many times we gotta see the same thing?
Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
We need more action and much less discussion
And less corruption, before we all goners
Somebody inform us what the earth is tryin' to warn us
But we worry 'bout the trivial, superstars, interviews
Millionaires drama, people what's gotten into you?
Temperature is risin' like the CO2 levels
It's settled, sooner or later we'll see the true devils
But for now

Listen, you can hear the cries of the planet
Uhh, and you can hear the cries of the planet
Yesterday a young mom threw her baby in the garbage
And a bomb exploded right in an Afghani market
And who you think the target is?
The same one who started this
War on a people who didn't even have a part in this
Terrorism's mental now but they ain't gotta strike
Red, yellow, orange, burnt sienna, it's a lot of hype
Politicians spendin' millions to keep they cushy gigs
Single moms miss meals just to feed they kids
In the land of opportunity, bring your poor, tired
And your huddled masses, but just not to my community
I appreciate your help, in building the house
But as soon as it's done, fam, I gotta kick you out
That don't even make no sense to me
But you can check the history
It's written that a man will die for his own iniquity
And there'll be a day that we rise
But it won't be until we open our eyes and recognize the lies

Listen, you can hear the cries of the planet
Uhh, and you can hear the cries of the planet

Protesters with picket signs, object to these wicked times
While brothers is kickin' lines about cars, gettin' dimes
'Cause they know to get in line, work until quittin' time
Man stand up and fix ya spine, you outta your frickin' mind
Put minutes on their phone instead of minutes in their lives
We pay the ultimate price, then ask God why
The pursuit of gettin' more, that's America's credo
Legal or illegal, what you less than a zero?
When all the drama we got, is wastin' time on the clock
Came a long way since I used to rhyme on the block
Learned if you value the knowledge
Then you free your mind to follow it
A lot of it is confidence, not what you can get out of it
Turn that tell-lie-vision off and dig up a jewel
Sharpen your mind, it remains your best tool
At your disposal, hopeful and cautious at the same moment
Cause I know that everybody faces atonement, now
Listen, 'cause you can hear the cries of the planet
Close your eyes, listen, you can hear the cries of the planet

I hear it
I cry for the planet