Mega Ran
Cosmo Canyon
[The Ranger]
Last of my kind since my mother she died
My father a coward, how he tried to hide from the tribe
But I survived in Cosmo Canyon, companions are few
Bugenhagen like a grandfather and I call him that too
Knew what to do when the Turks came to capture a specimen
Contested them but wasn't gettin the best of them
I saved the day, but I was taken away
Tattooed with the numerals that later gave me my name
Prisoner imprisoned in the Shinra HQ
Subjected to experiments, by Hojo and his crew
After more than a year a proud swordsman appeared
He told me he was Cloud and we fought our way out
Back at home, Bugenhagen said some facts should be known
Dad didn't run from the tribe, he attacked 'em alone
Like they turned him to stone, my shame turned into pride
And as I howled at the moon, he cried from petrified eyes