Mega Ran
[Marlos Hill]
The Lifestream
That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet
Giving life to the world and everything in it
But Shinra Electric Power Company had discovered a way
To use the Lifestream, as an energy source
Because of Shinra's energy, we were able to live very comfortable lives
But wasn't that because we were taking away from the planet's life?
A lot of people thought so
Shinra used their power to stop anyone who got in their way
Shinra had a special group of warriors called SOLDIER
And all of the SOLDIERS had Jenova cells put inside of them
Jenova was a calamity that fell from the sky a long long time ago
And tried to destroy the planet; ANYWAY
There was this one SOLDIER named Sephiroth
Who was better than the rest
But when he found out about the terrible experiments that made him
He began to hate Shinra, and then
Over time, he began to hate EVERYTHING
Shinra and the people against them
Sephiroth, who hated the planet so much
That he wanted to make it go away, and the people who tried to stop him
There were a lot of battles, for every battle there was more sadness
Someone I loved went back to the Lifestream too
And then it came - the chosen day
In the end, the planet itself had to make the battle stop for good
The planet used the Lifestream as a weapon
And when it burst out of the earth
All the fighting, all the grief, and all the sadness
Everything was washed away
This is the story, Final Fantasy VII: Black Materia
An energy manufacturing mega-company
Known as Shinra Incorporated is harvesting the sheer life energy
Of the planet, as a simple fossil fuel
The Lifestream is processed and made into products
Ranging from electricity and heat, to mako and materia
The latter two materials can work miracles
Granting the wisdom of the Ancients to the user
However, the Lifestream like most other fuels
Is finite in supply, and the planet's life force
Is being malevolently drained, by the constant exploitation of mako
By Shinra
Though aware of the harmful effects, they function without remorse
However the real battle lies not with the corporation
But a force much more confident from the distant past
A long thought dead warrior bent on becoming a God
By draining all the Lifestream from the planet has risen again
And will stop at nothing to achieve its goal
And now a small rebel group eminating from the slums
Must quell the various dangers toward the innocent
And one mercenary for hire
Must look admist the lies and deception
And find the man, he is, within

Mega Ran~! Lost Perception
Black Materia, Final Fantasy