Mega Ran
Don of the Slums
Ehehehe! Ehehehehe! Ehhh

The subway's stopped again, drunk bums talk to them-
-selves, smells, can't breathe the oxygen
Times been hard in Midgar
You either workin for the slum Dons or workin for Shinra
The sky grey and blackened, from Mako's reactors
Waste, ain't no hazard pay in the badlands
Gate says Sector 7, more like Section 8
Just to set it straight, the struggle is day to day
Livin under tin huts, and holes in the ground
Police ain't around, Don's controllin the town
And these walls has been bad, outside is much worse
Outside is scorched earth, so happiness here
Is like finding flowers inside an abandoned church
Everybody search, but we livin with this curse
We strugglin, hustlin, scraping, scrappin
Guns, murder and drugs, kidnappin

[Chorus: Random]
It happens all the time in the slums
I'm the Don of the Slums
And you should try not to come
Cats is robbin for crumbs
You can get shot in the slums
If you not an alum
Now look what I have become, I said
It happens all the time in the slums
I'm the Don of the Slums
And you should try not to come
Cats is robbin for crumbs
You can get shot in the slums
If you not an alum
Now look what I have become, the Don of the Slums
It's where we pray that our kids are athletic
Cause we ain't makin it outta here with loads and bad credit
I heard this town can send you to the grave if you let it
Them temptations are free lifts to paramedics
They call my neighborhood a shanty town
But I think they secretly jealous cause they can't be down
It's the new Hooverville, where we struggle fight and scuffle, tooth and nail
And even the hardest of dudes are killed
And in this game of life I just play the line
And we all scrape and grind just to make a dime
Got nothin but people botherin, hatin mine
Prayin that we're not livin the last days and times
It's Midgar, every summer brothers get dumber
Longer nights of no slumber, someone do the numbers
We got single mothers double jeapordy and triple homicide
Quadruple life sentences so I'ma slide
Cause everybody in my circle
Is livin the polar opposite of those Hallmark commercials
Blue skies turned grey with smoke from the purple
And they don't say they gon' murk you, they just murk you
Rappers and ballers, ballers and actors
Higher mathmatical status is what they after
Believe that ain't what I'm tryin to become
So I'll be back like the prodigal son
I'm the Don of the Slums

[Mikal KHill - TheThoughtCriminals]
Wake up sleepin in a dusty bed
Alone I lie frustrated and I feel like I'm done dead
Instead I bone out, I gotta meet up with my crew
I gotta figure out a way to pay this rent it's done past due
Do what we do, you mess around we might do it to you
No sort of hesitation less amazin is the speed
With which we limit break, gone on the wrong route
Feel like we get with this when there's no other way out
Well no doubt, never gonna make it
Spray your name up on the wall, own path, I made it, don't hate it
Still manage staying upright, pocket full of trouble
Rolling the dice, everyone a suspect, pray for doubles
Cash some checks, wreck my motion on the wrong path
Pockets is fat, yeah you know it's got to be like that
And anybody try to take me for a chump
I got a ball of lighting in my pocket anyone act dumb

[Sulfur - TheThoughtCriminals]
GAHH~! Chokin on the dust
Always watchin my back, but pressin forward
So rust never touches.. the clutches on somethin more
The hold up at the store, before the Mako core, then
Blaoww!! Gas in a potion bottle
Light the rag and run man there's no time to daudle
Never coddled, it's slums birth to box
Always hangin on the corners with materia in my socks
Pickin locks, on the chest, it's guerrilla warfare
To loot the arsenal, and burn down the lair
Don't stare too long, because I'm already gone
A SOLDIER born at night and trained to look for the dawn
But a pawn's unnoticed 'til he's at the end of the board
Keep that saved stored, man you couldn't afford
No back up, when your back's up against the wall
And no one from the slums ever gets that governor's call