Mega Ran
Mako Reactor
Got money on my mind no fear in my eyes
AVALANCHE the squad, so it's time to rise
I'm just goin forward, no time for goin backwards
The mission - destroy the Mako reactors
They brought it on themselves so we gotta take 'em out
All in, but we might not all make it out
Endin the Shinra and closing the chapter
The mission - destroy the Mako reactors

I never got their names and I didn't really care to
I just want the money so the mission I adhere to
It's simple, I joined some resistance clique
Blow up the reactor, then we split, that's it
And they go on about savin the planet
All the precious resources we've been takin for granted
But I'm doin me; it's not that I don't understand it
But I'm tryin to carry the job out just how we planned it
And in my line of work, there's no time for softies
These treehuggers better wake up and smell the coffee
Been around the block man I'm far from a beginner
I been in reactors back when I worked for Shinra
And they don't trust me, and I don't like them
And I don't blame 'em, cause I ain't like them
War? They ain't built for it; trouble's like my wallet
I only find it when I'm never lookin for it
So as I set the bomb I start to get a premonition
Some kinda feelin this shouldn't be a part of the mission
But I do it, ten minutes remain
Before reactor one is goin down in flames
And so we out, to the train to rest
Part one of the mission, is a complete success
So for now it seems that the good guys are winning
But this ain't the ending, its only the beginning

We get back to the hideout later in the day
And the boy Barret's actin kinda shady with the pay
I don't need this, fam y'all can go on without me
Halfway out the door when Tifa comes up and stops me
Tells me 'bout a promise that I made back in the day
That if she was in trouble that I'd be there with no delay
And now here I stand walkin out on my chance
So I agreed to the mission, and
We leavin town and I bump into a dude named Johnny
A childhood friend who found the need to remind me
To take care of Tifa, and yeah I willingly oblige
And next on the agenda is reactor number 5
We hop up the train and begin to take a ride
But not long after we in for another surprise
Something's suspicious, they lockin down the train cars
Makes it exciting cause I know it's 'bout to pop off
But we run to the first car and hop off
Near miss, we escape unscathed
Unharmed so we continue right on our way
Gotta move fast, get it done, I ain't got all day
But inside the reactor we headed to the core
And the layout? Well it's the same as before
And again when I reach it, I feel another light flash
I'm on the floor weak, paralyzed right fast
Get up, set the bomb, bust out the premises
'Til we get surrounded by soldiers and the President
He's monologuein about taking us under
Summons a robot that he calls Airbuster
We triple team it and eventually defeat it
But the explosion ripped the ground apart between us
I'm hangin in the balance, and I hear Tifa's screamin
I slip, and that's the last thing that I remember seein