Mega Ran
The Turks
[Dale Chase]
Dirty work done without gettin your mitts dirty
Operate covert to avert controversy
Or, tear your sector down, snatchin your people up
Singin a sad song when Tseng and the Turks creep up
Hit squad for hire, specialists in ruthless
Odd jobs for Shinra, on retainer with Rufus
You seein those dark suits, it's no use
If, told to, the light they will show you
Reno, red dragon, electro-mag
Pyramid scheme, bringin down your Avalanche
Your whole zone a victim of circumstance
When, it's time your clan won't stand a chance
In a tag you got Rude; the nice with the hands dude
The toe to toe box you up like fast food
Trust me, don't be faulty with the baldy
Compulsively clad in dark specs to part necks
And then ya, got Elena
Bombshell frag hag, darling of detonators
The blonde nitro, pyro light show
Strictly biz rookie dynamo
Loyal to financial backers
The cunning, fearsome, murderous godwackers
With the thought don't even flirt
Weave what you will, but never tangle with the Turks