Mega Ran
Faculty Lounge Remix
Check inside the faculty lounge
Tape is holding it down
You can catch a teacher seated by the window
Tryna take a breather
Either that or strangle one of these little demon heathens
Try being hired and holding two positions
The same time as art teacher and admin assistant
You gotta work through lunch
They trippin in a rough school district
Shit -- man listen
One time for my people on the front lines
When summer's over they can fight the war inside
A lot of times underpaid, overqualified
And overworked cuz this ain't a normal nine to five
Strive to strive somebody gotta make a change
Fight for rights stand up this ain't no time to lay
They say those who can't do, teach
Well those who can't teach ain't got no room to speak

At the beginning of the year
I really had to reconsider
My students didn't care
About the lectures I be giving
Didn't think that I could do it
Like dividing over zero
But I think I'm breaking through
Cuz I'm providing them with heroes
Who inspire to aim for higher than a lil' Deniro
Now they fired up and want to fight the power with the people
Truth is really killing me
Like I'm in a drive-by
We ain' tellin history that ain't about a white guy!
We got 'em learning 'bout biology and chemistry
Think about if we could teach the works of Public Enemy
It's really as important as endoplasmic reticulum
Matter fact I'm gon' be redoing my whole curriculum
I'm taking whitey out
I'm putting Biggie in
I'll make 'em write about the killing of the indians
My principal is gon' be mad at me now
For what I'm spitting in the faculty lounge - ha!
My kids is on drugs
Half they took at home, half the school gave 'em
They's told that school would save 'em
School enslave 'em
My principal wasn't stressin' education
That bitch was more concerned with decorations
Talking 'bout I need more posters
Any minute cops could rush in itching to pull they toasters out they holsters
How am I supposed to teach a class?
When just a period earlier students caught a nasty temper from some tenured piece of trash
It take me 20 minutes just to get 'em back to feeling like human beings
To where the ones that can't even read at least'll humor me
I try to give em extra time
These kids already on they second strike
Frustrated by the second try
Brown v. Board done had a a ruling but what's the rule?
2005, I's teaching in a segregated school
An overpopulated, overmedicated, designated devastated
It's cruel

A yo, the natives are restless
Borderline aggression
And ask the educators
They'll say a teacher's reward is in heaven
I gave 'em a question like how can I
Teach out of textbooks older than my nana?
Understand me it's priceless, Mastercard
Ask the God, administrations the key
They paid twice as much and work half as hard
I ask them all, you ready to hit the picket line?
They say nah these kids are fine, get inside
How do I tell a kid that he can be a future leader?
When all his teachers seem to do is up and leave him
I'm tryna overstand, how we improve
With white flight on the rise
And all of our bright kids move to the burbs
Cuz the city they ain't feeling it
Really it's not that much better
They just better at concealing it
I'm just one I ain't speaking for the rest
But nobody's learning if we teaching to the test
Obama and Romney speak of cleaning of the mess
When I waste half a period just keeping them in desks
Nowadays schools are lacking accreditation
Giving students daycare that passes for education
So if and when I'm waiting in the back of a gas station
And a kid runs up with a gat what can we say then?
9000 graduates, 400 scandals
But guess which story gets on the most channels?