Mega Ran
​​​put it down
[Verse 1: Kill Bill]
I stepped inside a room full of blue
Chances are that every rumor is true
I speak slowly
'Cause in this town, it seem like every creep know me
I should drop a mixtape and mark it "strictly beats only"
Y’all shinobi, eavesdropping so I'm lighting the wood slow
Old-school heat, it's like igniting a wood stove
Amalgam thinking like a wishing well jeweler
Mini me’s jocking, man y'all kids some cell juniors
Flipping cards, trying not to trigger trap holes
Y'all trynna wrap this up, you're gonna need a bigger lasso
Chilling out with Ran, best believe we kicking fat flows
If you ain't tryna crush it, why the hell you spitting raps for, huh?
I push it back, putty tat, the cat is so sick
Y'all run the zig-zags like it's frickin Madden ‘06
Slow your roll, A.I. to the wayside
Big wallet chasing, Spider-House by the bayside
That's Majora’s Mask, let the moon fall slow
Y’all be spitting boring raps, let your crew all know

[Refrain: Kill Bill]
I put it down (Yo, what up, Ran)
I put it down
I put it down
I put it down
[Verse 2: Mega Ran]
I was working on my masterpiece
Before I pass, at least to y'all I wanna be known as one of rap’s elites
I've been gathering and grabbing beats
And booking tours, 'cause you know even a starving artist has to eat
The smart ones always outlast the hard ones
Been a marksman, like I was a kin to the Marstons
I'd rather kick a rhyme than hit the quan
They say I spit divine, and it’s always in the nick of time
They know it's the truth, the flow is aloof
Music up, shoot 'em up
Clive O. in the booth
Cats will cross you and keep a handshake firm, still
That's the type of stuff that make a nice guy turn Hill
Another chapter, coming hard as the second rapture
Chess master, verbally we deading rappers
Life is hard, it's why I'm rapping this hard
Trying to make it worth the scratching and scars
More than just spectacular bars, we keep the passion as large
Feeling invincible, like Mario grabbing a star, yeah
Kill ‘em softly, similar to assassins
Seen a lot of cats sell their soul to try to cash in
Flowing decent, but lacking the passion
Heavy on mechanics, but they pass on the action
Man, just make something that excites me
I don't grab a mic piece thinking ‘bout a hypebeast
I be on that Spike Lee, trying to do the right thing
As dark as I am, how could you ever take me lightly
[Refrain: Mega Ran]
Put it down
I put it down
Yeah, yeah, we put it down
Kill Bill, we put it down

[Verse 3: Rav]
I put it down like my inventory full
Like my dog won't get no better
Like a mic after a rapper's career has hit a lull
Y'all my sons, so best remember that I'm
K-K-King of the cosmos, spitting with my eyes closed
Listening to y'all feels like listening to moss grow
Spliff kick like a bronco, lift me up like tonsils
Don't be hostile
Why you kids sticking to Hanzo?
Catch us zooted out in Tokyo
And the blunt got the wood-tip like Pinocchio
I put it down, like something useful on a post-it notes
So and so's sleeping on my music like they comatose
Wake up sleepy head, it's time to get hung up
You keep claiming you the shit, but that's a dysentery bluff
In summation, bruh, you lyrically suck
Treat your music like an item that I don't need, pick it up
[Refrain: Rav]
And put it down
Put it down
Put it down
Put it down
I put it down
I put it down
I put it down
I put it down