Mega Ran
Hero Holiday
Mega Ran (@MegaRan)

Bright lights big stage, know I’m gonna shine
I’m workin overtime I’m always on ya mind 
The goal is dominance, that’s why I’m on the grind
You know what time baby it is Morphin time
Never let em score illest with the metaphors
Put these words together just like a megazord
Spit them awesome poems Rap game Walter Jones, 
I’m with my rangers so we never walk alone - MEGA 

Aramis616 (@Aramis616)
Ya power bar's flashin' red like a matador, I'm-
So ultra, Titanus plus Mega Dragonzord
Handed the torch, now source is the...
Grid when I morph an un.....stoppable force, you ain't
Ready...switch to ninjetti turn you Tenga into con-
Fetti when I'm done goin after Rita, Rito, and Zeddy
The Megazord, put respect on it's name, cause you'll be....
Feelin' the pain when you get within range..yeeugh!

Creative Mind Frame (@NotoriousCMF)

Back at it again yo I never rest
With Power Rangers I’m always in it like I’m JDF
I’m the best like Eli and that’s by the hour (the best mane)
Steady reppin White Ranger Tiger Power (hah)
Pull the fangs out if you brang out
Your Putties and Tengas, I promise that they’ll get laid out
We pulling all the blocks out like this Jenga and we fresh to death
SQUAD UP! It’s Morphin Time! Yeah you know the rest
Gameboy Jones (@GameboyJones)
Crashing through with Dino thunder
Bout to bring the tommy out
Got to take it back
So I can show you fans what im about
Black to red to green to white
I’m going back to mighty morphin
Move your head like zordon
Up and down
Just like a nodding motion
Repulsing Rita
She’s overstaying her visa
Got the drip like Ivan ooze
Ain’t nobody here that can beat us
Cause we got that squad
We can beat you now
Or we can beat you later
Bout to show you
Why we put the power
Back in power rangers

Kickflamez (@KickFlamez)

We the superhero’s fighting evil cross the galaxy
Flipping like into action saving the world from catastrophe
Restoring order and harmony to the universe
We battle evil with love until the curse is dispersed
Our peace and light cut through the 
darkest shadows like a sword
When we come we rise up like a megazord
Let our powers combine 
Like a rainbow we shine
you are witnessing greatness
Mighty morphin its time
Violent Knight (@riffsandsoul)

G1 (@G1toTheRescue)
Red ranger, Pink ranger, Yellow ranger too
Green ranger, Black ranger, Nipsey color blue
I’ll binge watch a whole season young or old
Ask me who my favorite ranger is, it’s that Zeo Gold
Behold the viewing globe, we control the narrative
Or similar to Tor the Shuttlezord we just carry it
Now there’s a holiday for the people, battle of good and evil
Praises to the team the shows us anyone can be a hero!
I feel like Jason, whether Jason David Frank or Jason Lee Scott
Forced of evil become stains under my Reebok
And we watched the world from the eyes of Zordon & Alpha 5
Ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice...tryna stay alive
Rita & Lord Zedd don’t stand a chance, warranty expired on the Machine Empire
Divatox can remain at the bottom of the sea
And any other villains tryin’ the combined strength of we, WE...