The High & Mighty
Friendly Game of Football
[Verse One]
Aw sh*t, another quarterback's hit
He leads the league in sacks and illegal hits
Damn, nowadays kids be Green Bay Packin'
While these Cheeseheads see the cream ways blacken [??]
Pursue the grands with illegal use of hands
He uses the run and shoot with an option
But he fumbled too much
Too many giveaways
He don't know how to tuck it
They're slipping it away
Left your man on an island like a cornerback
With no strong safety
There's no escaping
He uses the bump and run like Lester Hayes
With no Stick'um, he thinks you can't stick him
It's fourth-and-goal so he's got to go for it
The play action fake: linebacker never bought it
The endzone, he saw it
There's a goal-line stand
You make the call
It's just a friendly game of football

"Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut!"
I'm high-octane, your squad's in a rut
"Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut!"
A friendly game of football, you're bound to get stuffed

[Verse Two]
I turn your domed stadium into a frozen tundra
Whip that a** on natural gra**
Your turf's artificial, buying off the officials
You need to rebuild
My franchise: on the rise
Up in the draft, you get a key component
My special teams run it back against opponents
I acc*mulate yards; your ground game I muffle
No chance in '89; no Ickey Shuffle
Get no grip like cleats
I put fans in the seats
You need to stop running these screens and sweeps
Utilize the flea-flicker
The game plan conceiver
Wide open like receivers
The whole f**king season
But now the reason you be left in the gra**
Thought you had a chance down ten at the half
It's over in the fourth
Cause every drive stalled
It's just a friendly game of football


I shoot through your facemask, destroy your helmet
Cause there's no apology from the technology
All you rooting for the Niners
Here's a one-liner
You need to audible, the loot ain't audible
My All-Pro O-line won't leave you standing
In any stadium, I've got home field advantage
Give you a juke
Watch that ACL swell
Ever since then, man, you ain't playing well
One-time wanna call you for holding: personal foul
Really be the game plan they be molding
Your franchise in folding, you've got no cash
Convert a fourth down, so stop talking trash
You be third-string, you just a back up
Put you on the I.R., your concussions add up
While the yards I rack up, you just don't stack up
All-in-all, just a friendly game of football...

"Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut!"